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Master Data Cartoon Typing On Laptop

Machine Learning for Product Demand Forecasting

How can you take advantage of Machine Learning to make better supply chain decisions? For years, businesses have strived to …

24 May 2023 Demand Planning & Forecasting


master data

How Master Data Drives the Success of Digital Initiatives

The race to digital transformation is on. According to Gartner, a staggering 91% of organisations are already involved in some …

18 May 2023 Supply Chain Tactics


Economic Order Quantity Eoq Balancing Cartoon

Is Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) still relevant in today’s volatile world?

In 1913, the world was first introduced to the Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) formula. This revolutionary approach would soon go on…

12 May 2023 Inventory Optimisation


Safety Stock Full Warehouse

Safety stock inventory Q&A

To a lot of business owners, holding huge swathes of safety stock seems like a good idea. Having the safety net of deeper …

9 May 2023 Inventory Optimisation


Cartoons With Light Bulb Of Product Lifecycle Management

7 Steps to Profitable Product Lifecycle Management

In this article, we explore how you can encompass both sales and the wider supply chain team into the product lifecycle decision making process.

5 May 2023 Assortment Planning


abc analysis

ABC Analysis: The ultimate guide

The life of someone who works in the supply chain is never easy. Therefore, it is vital that you focus on the right things. But…

2 May 2023 Assortment Planning


Cartoons With Lightbulb Minimum Order Quantity

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) Explained

5 facts you need to know about MOQ! Download our guide to unravelling the secret of optimal order quantities!

27 Apr 2023 Supply Planning


inventory reduction

Lead Time Volatility: How to Navigate from Chaos to Control and Manage It Effectively

It might’ve been the fittest that survived during the pandemic, but the businesses that genuinely thrived were the most …

25 Apr 2023 Supply Planning


Otif Warehouse With Stock

Is OTIF The Right Way to Measure Availability?

What on Earth is OTIF? And can it help your business perform better? To answer this question effectively, let’s look back at the groundings of OTIF.

21 Apr 2023 Inventory Optimisation


Demand Forecasting Feature Image

Demand Forecasting: The Cheat Sheet To Help You Transform Your Business

Making good business decisions can be the difference between profit and loss. Between surviving and thriving. To stand the best …

19 Apr 2023 Demand Planning & Forecasting


Assortment Strategy Cartoon Crossroad

How To Create a Winning Assortment Strategy

Your sales and profitability are both massively impacted by the strength of your assortment strategy. That means your bottom line …

14 Apr 2023 Assortment Planning


Inventory Turnover Warehouse

Inventory Turnover: What is it, a Beginner’s Guide

Your inventory could be an untapped goldmine. Manage it well and you will unlock all the riches you and your Finance Director …

5 Apr 2023 Inventory Optimisation


Supply Chain Management Cartoon Umbrella

Supply Chain Management: How To Build a More Resilient Operation?

If supply chain shocks are new to you, you’re likely new to supply chain. It’s almost par for the course that blips, booms…

17 Feb 2023 Supply Chain Tactics


Supply Planning People In Industry

Supply Planning: 5 Strategies To Build a More Dependable Operation

You are right in the thick of the action. And it’s up to you call the shots. However, you’re only ever as strong as your …

15 Feb 2023 Supply Chain Tactics


Assortment Planning Hero Paint Cards

Assortment planning: A 10-step checklist

Your assortment is a treasure trove of value. Get it right and your on to a winner. But get it wrong and you will be in a world of pain.

3 Feb 2023 Assortment Planning


Bullwhip Effect Retail Boxes

How Can You Reduce The Impact of the Bullwhip Effect?

Many companies are currently dealing with a strong bullwhip effect. In part, this problem is tied to the ongoing impacts of the …

25 Jan 2023 Demand Planning & Forecasting


Inventory Optimisation Warehouse

A Pragmatic Guide to Inventory Optimisation

On the surface, it’s simply a matter of ordering the right amount of stock at the right time. ‘When’ and ‘how much’ …

23 Jan 2023 Inventory Optimisation


Stock Replenishemnt Warehouse

Stock Replenishment Explained

Stock replenishment is a dark art. Master this essential supply chain conundrum & you will be rewarded generously. However, …

18 Jan 2023 Allocation & Replenishment


Shipping Containers Demand Planning Og

Demand Planning – The Ultimate Guide

Ask anyone involved in demand planning, demand forecasting or demand management, and they will tell you the same thing: this …

16 Jan 2023 Demand Planning & Forecasting


Warehouse With Excess Stock Thumb

9 Strategies to Conquer Your Excess Stock Nightmares

You know you’ve got excess stock issues, and so does everyone else in the business. It’s a little like a broken leg. You look down and… something’s not right.

13 Jan 2023 Assortment Planning


Hero Image (1)

6 Tips On How To Improve Your Product Availability

Product availability raises a lot of debate about how much inventory should be held. While the sales guys want the availability of…

11 Jan 2023 Inventory Optimisation


Shipping Dock With Containers And Inventory

What is Your Real Inventory Cost?

From the cost of purchasing the inventory in the first place to storing it in your warehouse, and moving it throughout your network…

9 Jan 2023 Inventory Optimisation


Warehouse With Stocked Shelves Assortment Planning Final

The Great Warehouse Space Squeeze

Your supply chain team will be getting used to shortages. The first shock was stock. The diminished deliveries and the lengthening lead times.

1 Nov 2022 Inventory Optimisation


Chinese New Year Thumb Preview

Your Chinese New Year Inventory Planning Toolkit

Every year, Chinese New Year supplier closures present supply chain teams with a real headache.

22 Sep 2022 Supply Planning


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