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Metro de Madrid is the company in charge of managing and operating the metro network in Madrid, Spain. Metro de Madrid also includes several subsidiaries and departments responsible for various operational and maintenance aspects, such as spare parts and replacement pieces to guarantee service continuity and safety.

Copabo is a Brazilian company founded in 1968. Copabo has established itself as a leader in solutions for the transportation of industrial products. The company offers a wide range of products and technical solutions for maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO), including conveyor, industrial, and agricultural belts, hoses, bearings, couplings, and personal protective equipment (PPE).  

Dellys is a Brazilian company, a leader in the food service sector, specializing in the distribution of food and related products. With over 20 years of experience, Dellys offers a wide range of products, including fresh, frozen, and dry foods, as well as utensils and equipment for the food industry.

Aidacare is an Australian company, locally owned and operated, specializing in providing equipment solutions for healthcare, mobility, and aged care. Founded over 25 years ago, Aidacare offers a wide range of products including wheelchairs, adjustable beds, mobility scooters, therapy equipment, and daily living aids.

Nover is an Australian company, locally owned and operated, specializing in the wholesale distribution of high-quality products for kitchen and joinery manufacturing. Founded 70 years ago, Nover offers a wide range of products including decorative panels, surfaces, functional hardware, and storage solutions.

Anglo European Trading (UK) Limited is a company dedicated to the supply of private label insect repellent products. The have successfully worked with many of the UK´s leading retailers including Marks & Spencer, Tesco, Superdrug and Numark.

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Vomar Voordeelmarkt is a supermarket chain operating in the Netherlands. Offering a wide range of groceries, fresh produce, and household essentials, Vomar Voordeelmarkt focuses on providing quality products at competitive prices, serving customers in local communities.

Vomar Voordeelmarkt

Berendsen Tekstil Service AS, part of the Elis Group, is a provider of textile rental and laundry services in Norway. Specializing in workwear, uniforms, and hospitality linen.

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Ale-Hop is a vibrant lifestyle brand offering a diverse range of accessories, gifts, and home decor items. Ale-Hop provides customers with unique and stylish products that add personality to any space.

Ale Hop
Guarconsa logo

Guarconsa is dedicated to the sale and distribution of electrical supplies, working with the main manufacturers in the sector. Its philosophy focuses on maintaining the highest stock availability in products from market-leading manufacturers.


A leading producer of Asian food products, Go-Tan brings the authentic flavors of Asia to kitchens around the world. From sauces and marinades to noodles and snacks, Go-Tan´s diverse range of products inspires culinary creativity and allows consumers to experience the rich and vibrant tastes of Asian cuisine.

Go Tan

Renowned for its premium spices, herbs, and sauces, Verstegen is a trusted partner to chefs and food manufacturers worldwide. Verstegen´s products enhance the taste and aroma of dishes across various cuisines, delivering culinary excellence with every ingredient.

ByR retail logistics logo

ByR Retail Logistics is a company that provides logistics services for businesses. They offer services related to the transportation and storage of goods.

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A pioneer in probiotic beverages, Yakult Europe promotes digestive health and well-being with its iconic probiotic drink. Made with the unique L. casei Shirota strain, Yakult helps support a balanced gut microbiota and has been trusted by consumers for generations to maintain digestive harmony.


Colorbaby is a company that specializes in the distribution of toys and games for children. They offer a wide range of products under their brand, including toys, inflatables, stationery, and household products.

Group TB logo

Tomás Bodero Group, more than 50 years providing the best protection solutions: gloves, footwear and workwear.

Tomas Bodero
Aristocrazy logo

A premier jewelry brand, Aristocrazy blends innovation with tradition to create unique and contemporary pieces that reflect individual style and personality.

Moises logo

Cash Moisés is a supermarket chain that focuses on offering high-quality products at affordable prices, aiming to satisfy consumer needs. They work with a variety of suppliers to ensure the excellence of their products and have a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and trust.

CêlaVíta logo

Known for its premium potato products, CêlaVíta offers a delicious range of fresh and convenience potato-based dishes, catering to the discerning tastes of consumers worldwide.


Scholtus is a company known as Scholtus Special Products B.V., which specializes in producing snacks and treats for dogs and cats. They are recognized for delivering high-quality, nutritious solutions for pets and adding value to their customers by offering innovative products and concepts.

Gruposiete logo

Gruposiete is dedicated to the distribution of construction materials in Spain and Portugal. Its main activity is the commercialization to the professional channel of plumbing, heating, air conditioning, sanitation, civil works, and construction materials solutions.

Suarez logo

Joyeria Suarez combines traditional craftsmanship with innovative techniques to create jewelry that transcends trends and captivates the senses. Joyeria Suarez combines traditional craftsmanship with innovative techniques to create jewelry that transcends trends and captivates the senses.


Bearmach Ltd is a supplier of spare parts and accessories for Land Rover vehicles. Specializing in aftermarket Land Rover parts, Bearmach offers a comprehensive range of products including engine components, suspension parts, body panels, and accessories.

Bearmach Ltd

Toychamp is a premier destination for toys and games, offering a diverse range of high-quality products to inspire creativity and play. Toychamp provides an exceptional shopping experience for children and parents alike.

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STG is a company that provides software solutions for the automation and control industry worldwide, specializing in remote monitoring. They offer products that solve signal isolation problems and provide cost-effective retrofit replacements for legacy alarm annunciator systems.


Vistalegre Solutions is a company that serves as a strategic partner for businesses and educational institutions in managing office and school supplies, as well as transforming and equipping their spaces. The company offers comprehensive solutions for corporate environments, educational institutions, and visual projects.

Vistalegre Solutions

Fresh Mushroom Europe is an important player in the world market for the full range of mushrooms. Our mushrooms are fresh without preservatives, sometimes dried, conveniently preprocessed, delicious, food safe and often unique in type and sales moment.

Fresh Mushroom Europa

Greenyard is a leading supplier of fresh produce, committed to delivering high-quality fruits and vegetables to retailers and consumers globally. Greenyard strives to promote healthy eating and environmental stewardship throughout its supply chain.


Datamars stands out as a forward-thinking company that leverages data and technology to deliver impactful solutions in animal identification, textile management, and companion animal sectors, with a strong commitment to sustainability and innovation

Dawn Foods International Bv

Omniterm provides integrated POS and payment solutions, empowering businesses with efficient and secure transaction processing. Omniterm ensures seamless operations for businesses of all sizes.


Crelem Bakeries is a large artisanal bakery with three locations in Belgium. The company supplies wholesale bakery goods to the foodservice, innovative bakery products, and foodservice.


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