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Your supply chain is responsible for up to 90% of your total environmental impact. We’re here to change that.

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By eliminating waste throughout the supply chain, together, we can make huge sustainability gains. But, when it comes to optimising your resources, time, and talent, preventing waste is always a challenge. That’s why we have dedicated the last 30 years to helping businesses create more efficient and sustainable supply chains.

Your purpose-driven supply chain partner

As your trusted supply chain partner, it’s our duty to help you deploy best practices throughout your operation. Through optimising your supply chain, we can help you to significantly reduce waste… and subsequently your carbon footprint. For this reason, we collaborate with our customers on every optimisation project to:

Prevent over purchasing
Prevent over purchasing

Attain better availability with less stock. By better understanding your customer’s demand, you can ensure you only order what you need, therefore, minimising the risk of wasted resources

Cut transport emissions
Cut transport emissions

By consolidating orders, eliminating planning errors and streamlining replenishment, you can reduce the number of trucks on road to significantly improve your carbon footprint

Eliminate waste
Eliminate waste

Though attaining better visibility over your entire supply chain, you can proactively avoid obsolete inventory to create a more sustainable supply chain.

Reduce your energy consumption
Reduce your energy consumption

Maintaining excess stock is a drain on your resources. Through better demand planning, you can reduce inventory levels and minimise excess stock to ensure more efficient energy usage.

Engaging our people to make the difference
Engaging our people to make the difference

Ensuring that both our team and the wider community recognise the vital role we all have in safeguarding the environment is paramount. From our colony of bees to our mission to plant over 5000 trees every year, the best way to make a difference is to do it together. But more importantly, to make it fun!

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Some of our other Slimstock initiatives

Reduction Waste
50% reduction waste

Our customers typically attain up to a 50% reduction in waste within one year of going live.

Trees Customer
25 trees per customer

We plant 25 new trees for every new customer that join us. In 2022 we planted more than 4.000 trees.

50,000 bees

Our bee colony has thrived and now boasts a population of 50,000 bees which yield over 40 kilograms of honey annually.

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