The Slim4 engine

The power, flexibility, and security to give you true peace of mind; all wrapped up with an intuitive UX

Security, performance, and integration limitations should never be a barrier to your success

That’s why we have developed the Slim4 engine to set the industry standard in performance and security. As a result, the Slim4 system is fast, reliable, and secure. This ensures your team enjoys a positive user experience while we keep your organization’s assets safe.

Keep you informed with direct & clear feedback

A complete package you can depend on

Our commitment to security extends beyond our software. We’re dedicated to ensuring every aspect of our business adheres to strict security policies. To guarantee protection for both you and your organisation, our dedicated security team work according to ISO 27001 standards ensuring security principles are embedded at every stage of our development process.

A complete package you can depend on
Work Delay

Complete your work without delay

Say goodbye to frustrating software performance issues and hello to fast and reliable software that will keep your business running at peak efficiency. Based on blade technology and focused on user experience at all times, Slimstock ensures that day-to-day work can be carried out without any delays.

It Slimstock

Leave your IT to Slimstock

With flexible deployment methods, you can opt to deploy on-premise or alternatively utilise the Slim4 Cloud. Our Slim4 Cloud infrastructure is fully redundant to protect your services and data from a single point of failure. This enables us to provide cloud services with high levels of availability, service support and coverage.

Leave your IT to Slimstock

Designed to offer your team the best user experience

With new functionality and enhancements released every 3 weeks, we invest a lot of time in advancing the Slim4 engine. But even more is spent on enabling you to make better and faster decisions.

To help the people & processes throughout your supply chain perform at their best, our product development is underpinned by our 7 design principles. This ensures the Slim4 engine is continuously improved to:

dependable outcomes

Deliver dependable outcomes for you and your team.

you can achieve your goals faster

Support you with robust insights so you can achieve your goals faster.

Boost the efficiency

Streamline your workload so you can complete tasks quickly & easily.

Fit around your personal wayof working

Fit around your personal way of working.

Create security control

Create security & control to put your mind at ease.

Enable effective decision-making

Enable effective decision-making by providing you with the information you need.

Keep you informed with direct & clear feedback

Keep you informed with direct & clear feedback.