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Knowledge is power

To make effective supply chain decisions, your team needs the right knowledge. That’s why we developed the Slimstock Academy.

Every year, we provide thousands of supply chain professionals with the actionable inventory insights, ongoing developments and proven techniques they need to realise their supply chain goals.

Through offering a range of training programmes, knowledge sessions and community events, our Academy courses are designed to help professionals translate their business strategy into effective supply chain actions.


Explore our Academy courses & training programmes

Lead by academics & domain experts, our Academy courses combine theory and industry best practices to help you and your team improve supply chain performance.

Slim4 Training

Our Slim4 courses are designed to help your team get the most from our platform. In addition to equipping your team with the relevant Slim4 skills, our interactive courses ensure your team have the supply chain knowledge to make more effective decisions in their day-to-day role.

Practical Workshops

Taking place over several days, our intensive workshops are designed to improve your theoretical supply chain knowledge as you develop an actionable improvement plan to implement within your organisation.

Additional training programmes

In addition to our training courses, we offer bespoke training focused on your specific business requirements. Furthermore, we offer a range of interactive workshops & events to engage both your supply chain team & the wider business.

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102 MEON

Russell Smallridge

Supply Chain Manager | MEON

“We are now much better positioned to anticipate what is around the corner. As a result, availability has increased by 5%.”

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Fran Sanchez

Fran Sánchez

S&OP and Supply Chain BP Projects | Desigual

“Slim4 has become an essential tool that is part of our core business”

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vivera case study

Wilco van Ittersum

Continuous Improvement Manager | Vivera

“Slim4 is perfectly designed to support flexible planning”

Jan van Rijn Hoogvliet

Jan van Rijn

Supply Chain Manager | Hoogvliet

“Availability in the stores remains consistently high”

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Tom Debal

Tom Debal

Purchasing Manager | Dassy Europe

“Thanks to Slim4, we have a reliable forecast and a clear picture of the stocks. That is essential in our pursuit of continuous improvement and further growth.”

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James York SpringPack

James York

Managing Director | Springpack

“We carry far less excess and our stock turn has increased to over 4.8; exceeding our original target by 20%.”

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