S&OP: How to get ready!

Attain the expert knowledge required to implement a successful S&OP process

What can you expect?

Develop a deep understanding around the entire topic of S&OP to amplify your chances of a successful implementation. Our 10-day programme offers a comprehensive approach that will equip you with the knowledge required to unlock the full potential of your team.

Based on a ‘challenger’ style methodology, you will join 8-10 peers who will act as your sparring partners throughout the programme. Each session is expertly curated by the brightest minds from academia and industry; this mix results in the perfect blend of theoretical knowledge and practical expertise.

Train as you fight
Experience the full impact of our ‘real data for real results’ mantra. With a strong emphasis on mutual learning, these exclusive monthly sessions provide a unique perspective on each other’s businesses.

Hosted at the premises of one of our esteemed members, the mornings of each session offer a valuable opportunity to reflect on the previous session’s progress. During the afternoon sessions, we delve into the next topic, presenting actionable insights and practical tasks to set you up for success.

Explore our ten-day programme

Each chapter of this transformative journey will bring you one step closer to the level of readiness necessary for a successful project. With each session building on the previous, whilst at the same time learning from your peers, you can be sure that you’ll gain the strategic, tactical, and executional insights to start a market-leading S&OP project.

1. Introduction: from S&OE to S&OP
  • Where S&OE ends & S&OP begins
  • Data alignment and S&OP
  • The importance of hierarchies
  • KPI selection & business objectives
2. The organization behind an S&OP process
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Executive buy-in
  • Change management
3. Benefits and reasons to start an S&OP project
  • General benefits
  • Case studies
  • Define long-term & short-term gains
4. The product management review
  • The introduction of new products
  • The assortment plan
  • Dealing with promotions & events
5. The demand review
  • Sales budget & the demand review
  • Management of the ‘gap’
  • Collaborating to align
6. The inventory & supply review
  • The inventory plan
  • Supply review
  • Sourcing & balancing
  • Open-to-buy review
7. Cross-functional reconciliation
  • Gap closing actions
  • Scenario planning & impacts
  • The river of escalation
8. Executive review
  • Preparation for the S&OP meeting
  • KPIs & executive scorecard
9. Scenario planning
  • Identification
  • Assessment
  • Contingency planning Setting in motion
10. How to start an S&OP project
  • Start with a pilot programme
  • Secure executive sponsorship
  • Standardize processes & data
  • Use technology to support the process

Who is this Programme for?

Our S&OP programme is designed for both S&OP programme owners and their executive sponsors. If your goal is operational excellence, then this is a ‘must-attend’ for you.


The cost to participate in the S&OP programme is €5k for the first attendee and €3k for the second attendee.

We offer a special discounted rate for existing customers of €4k for the first attendee and €2k for the second attendee.

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