You’re in safe hands

We take security seriously

Since 2021, threats of supply chain cyber-attacks have seen a 300% increase (PWC). That’s why we take every precaution to keep your operation secure.

Security Seriously 2

Protecting 1400+ customers is a great responsibility. That’s why we work tirelessly to improve the security of our organisation, products, and services.

Supply chain security breaches have far-reaching consequences. Organisations, therefore, depend on robust cybersecurity measures to mitigate the risk of financial losses, operational disruptions, and reputational damage. As a Slimstock customer, you can count on us to deliver secure software you can trust with your company data and information systems.

Our security principles

To ensure availability, integrity and confidentiality as we proactively manage security risks and to demonstrate information security, our security principles underpin everything we do:

Empower Employees

We empower our employees in secure practices

In the battle against security threats, knowledge is power. We offer continuous training on security best practices to help our global team of supply chain experts recognise and respond to security threats.

Customer Data Safe

Our customer data is safe with us

We treat your data with the greatest respect. Adhering to data protection regulations and industry standards, we have implemented robust security measures to protect customer data. Furthermore, our security and compliance team completes regular security audits to identify and address potential vulnerabilities.

Secure Software

We create secure software in a secure environment

As part of our 3-week development and release cycle, we continuously update our solutions to address emerging security threats, follow secure coding practices, and conduct security assessments during the software development lifecycle.

Security Incidents Seriously

We take security incidents seriously

Supply chain security demands a proactive approach. With our rapid incident response process, we strive to contain, investigate, and address every potential threat as swiftly as possible, keeping communications channels open at all times.

Complete Package

A complete package you can depend on

Security is not just a feature of our software; it’s ingrained in every facet of our business. To guarantee protection for you and your organisation, Slimstock is ISO27001:2022 certified, ensuring security principles are embedded at every stage of our development process.

Safe Secure Accessible

Safe, secure and accessible anytime

With flexible deployment methods, you can opt to deploy on-premise or alternatively utilise the Slim4 Cloud. Our Slim4 Cloud infrastructure is fully redundant to protect your services and data from a single point of failure. Furthermore, by combining the highest standards of physical security with the latest cloud security technology, malicious behaviour is proactively monitored for and eliminated as it happens. As a result, our customers can enjoy high levels of availability, service support and coverage.

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