Supply Chain Game

Simulate the power of supply chain collaboration

What can you expect?

Do you know exactly how your supply decisions impact the wider supply chain?

Each supply chain is characterised by its combination of external factors which, if not considered carefully, can greatly reduce the effectiveness of the entire supply chain.

Through playing the Supply Chain Game, you will discover the importance of harnessing collaboration and creating transparency across the chain.

Learning Goals

  • Understand the importance of sharing information
  • Understand what information is important for each party in the chain?
Supply chain cost
  • Understand how costs in the supply chain can be managed
  • Identify ways to share costs with supply chain partners

Programme details

This Masterclass takes place over half a day. During the course, you will complete 3 rounds, each with different supply chain conditions. After the final round, we will discover who has the best performing supply chain.


The Supply Chain Game is suitable for all employees involved in the supply chain. Participants could all be “in-house” employees. Alternatively, different parties from across the chain can participate together.

This programme is not only for departments involved in logistics but also for category managers and financial managers. Knowledge of the company and its supply chain will be beneficial to the learning process.


Pricing available upon request.

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