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Alipensa Featured

The Journey to E2E Supply Chain Planning

Disruption is the only certainty in supply chain planning. Yet, what if the latest source of upheaval isn't driven by global...

8 Sep 2023 Allocation & Replenishment


Cartoon Watching Working Capital

How to Unlock Working Capital and Transform Your Supply Chain’s Financial Performance

Supply chain costs are soaring all over the world. And like many of your competitors, you’ve probably been thinking about how...

29 Jun 2023 Inventory Optimisation


Warehouse With Stocked Shelves Assortment Planning Final

The Great Warehouse Space Squeeze

Your supply chain team will be getting used to shortages. The first shock was stock. The diminished deliveries and the lengthening lead times.

13 Jun 2023 Inventory Optimisation


Inventory Turnover Warehouse (1)

Avalon CSC and Slimstock Canada

Montreal, June 2023 Avalon CSC, a supply chain consulting firm with offices in Montreal, Toronto, and Chicago, and Slimstock ...

7 Jun 2023


Economic Order Quantity Eoq Balancing Cartoon

Is Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) still relevant in today’s volatile world?

In 1913, the world was first introduced to the Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) formula. This revolutionary approach would soon go on...

12 May 2023 Inventory Optimisation


Farmacity Portada (1)

Farmacity teams up with Slimstock to improve in-store availability

Farmacity, one of the largest pharmacy chains in Argentina, has partnered with Slimstock to optimise its supply chain with a focus...

9 May 2023


Safety Stock Full Warehouse

Safety stock inventory Q&A

To a lot of business owners, holding huge swathes of safety stock seems like a good idea. Having the safety net of deeper...

9 May 2023 Inventory Optimisation


Otif Warehouse With Stock

Is OTIF The Right Way to Measure Availability?

What on Earth is OTIF? And can it help your business perform better? To answer this question effectively, let’s look back at the groundings of OTIF.

21 Apr 2023 Inventory Optimisation


Inventory Turnover Warehouse

Inventory Turnover: What is it, a Beginner’s Guide

Your inventory could be an untapped goldmine. Manage it well and you will unlock all the riches you and your Finance Director...

5 Apr 2023 Inventory Optimisation


Euroshop News

Slimstock Help Retailers Boost Margins at Euroshop 2023

DEVENTER – The leading supply chain optimisation specialist will join forward-thinking retailers at Euroshop Expo 2023 in ...

16 Feb 2023


Inventory Optimisation Warehouse

Inventory Optimisation: Practical Steps for Success

On the surface, it’s simply a matter of ordering the right amount of stock at the right time. ‘When’ and ‘how much’...

23 Jan 2023 Inventory Optimisation


Hero Image (1)

Product Availability: 6 Tips On How To Improve It

Product availability raises a lot of debate about how much inventory should be held. While the sales guys want the availability of...

11 Jan 2023 Inventory Optimisation


Shipping Dock With Containers And Inventory

Inventory Cost and Its True Impact on Your Business

Inventory costs will surprise you Inventory is a necessary evil. After all, to keep customers happy, you need the right stock, at...

9 Jan 2023 Inventory Optimisation


Inside Shops

Inside Shops chooses Slimstock to optimise allocation & replenishment

Slimstock will provide Inside Shops with automated allocation, replenishment, and scarcity management in order to further maximise...

2 Aug 2022


Bathroom Header 2

How to avoid flushing your profits

How can you stop flushing away your profits. Find out how you can make better inventory decisions with Slim4

1 Jul 2022 Inventory Optimisation


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