Ridder, specialists in tech solutions for horticulture, have partnered with Slimstock to optimise their supply chain. With Slimstock’s supply chain planning platform, international businesses aim to create a smoother and more efficient operation.

Ridder, a Dutch family-owned business, has been pioneering solutions for horticultural companies and their suppliers for over 70 years. In today’s rapidly evolving world, the focus on inventory management has intensified, prompting Ridder to ensure its inventory remains dynamic to meet shifting demands swiftly.

Every day, Ridder assists farmers and growers in transitioning towards more efficient and sustainable production methods. Given the shifting trends in today’s market due to climate change, prolonged drought, and the growing population, there’s a heightened need for increased local food production.

Shifting product demand and growing uncertainties in the supply chain are significantly affecting inventory management. By embracing a new approach to supply chain planning, Ridder will underpin its mission to provide innovative products and effective services that help horticultural companies realise their ambitions while contributing to a more sustainable future.

Complete supply chain visibility

will provide Ridder with a comprehensive view of its supply chain, enabling the optimisation of inventory levels and informed decision-making. Leveraging its global partner network, Ridder can continue to take full responsibility for its customers. The AI-powered platform deployment will help Ridder proactively prevent any availability issues.

Service level up

With the implementation of this cutting-edge supply planning platform, Ridder will gain greater insight into demand, allowing the business to better respond to market developments. The team will benefit from greater insight into supplier performance with this new approach. Furthermore, by autonomously calculating economic order quantities, Slimstock will help the planning team reduce the working capital invested in stock while increasing service levels.