PT. Indo Traktor Utama, one of the largest automotive distributors and manufacturers in Indonesia, has teamed up with Slimstock to bolster service levels and drive efficiencies throughout its end-to-end supply chain.

As a subsidiary of the Indomobil Group, PT. Indo Traktor Utama is renowned as a trusted partner to the automotive industry, specialising in heavy-duty trucks, parts and equipment. To build upon its reputation for service excellence, the business identified the need for a transformative supply chain planning solution to enhance customer satisfaction through improved availability, while
optimising its working capital investment in stock.

With a mission to offer customers and industry-leading standard of reliability, the company decided to launch an innovative supply chain project to streamline operations.

Explaining the strategic importance of the transformation project, Heri Sunaryo, National Inventory Logistic & Supply Chain Head, at PT. Indo Traktor Utama, explains: “Our customers expect flawless reliability. We must therefore continually innovate our supply chain with the latest technology to ensure the best possible service.”

Driving service excellence

With a focus on reducing obsolete stock and automating supply chain workflows, PT. Indo Traktor Utama opted for Slimstock’s Al-powered supply chain planning platform, Slim4, to enhance its on-time delivery processes.

Heri Sunaryo, National Inventory Logistic & Supply Chain Head at PT. Indo Traktor Utama adds:

“Based on the results that the Slim4 platform has achieved in other companies within our group, we have no doubt that Slimstock will play a pivotal role in helping PT. Indo Traktor Utama to drive performance improvements throughout our operation.”