Sysu International, a revered food importer and distributor, has embarked on a significant supply chain transformation to boost productivity, cut waste, and increase operational efficiency. Joining forces with Slimstock, the food specialist will adopt the award-winning supply chain planning platform, Slim4.

With the mission to dynamically pursue exceptional and innovative products and solutions for their internal and external customers, Sysu International is an exclusive distributor for numerous fast-moving consumer goods brands. As a trusted supplier to some of the biggest retailers in the region and a major supplier to the food service market, Sysu International faces some significant supply chain challenges.

With an ever-growing catalogue of products, the planning team at Sysu needed an innovative solution to help navigate the complexity of managing the inventory of products. The business recognised an opportunity to enhance its supply chain capabilities with advanced technology and opted for Slimstock’s Slim4 platform to realise its business goals.

Investing in innovative supply chain technology

By adopting Slimstock’s award-winning platform, Slim4, Sysu International hope to eliminate stockouts and reduce excess inventory levels and write offs due to obsolescence.

Mr Gilbert Ydio, Demand Planning Manager and Mr. Christian de Castro, Supply Chain Head at Sysu International, explains, “This initiative reflects our steadfast commitment to enhancing our operation with the latest technological advancements. By leveraging Slimstock’s Slim4 platform, we aim to optimise efficiency, proactively navigate market fluctuations, and markedly reduce waste.”

The Slim4 platform will be pivotal in helping Sysu International automate its purchasing and operations process. Furthermore, by providing robust demand insights, Slim4 will help the company enhance the visibility throughout its end-to-end supply chain.

Highlighting the decision to partner with Slimstock, Mr Gilbert Ydio and Mr. Christian de Castro ¬†adds, “We were impressed by Slimstock’s professionalism and their deep understanding of our industry challenges. With the combination of their team’s knowledge and the insights provided by Slim4, Slimstock offers a perfect fit for our business.”