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Digital Twin Cartoon Screen

Digital Twin: How Can It Facilitate Large-Scale Innovation?

Pressure is the ultimate driver of change. As Mark Twain wisely stated: “Necessity is the mother of taking chances.”. And...

6 Jul 2023 Supply Chain Tactics


Supply Chain Centre Of Excellence Super Cartoon

The Supply Chain Centre of Excellence Advantage

It’s never been tougher to stay competitive. With the ever-evolving, ever-meandering world of business, you never know what’s...

20 Jun 2023 Supply Chain Tactics


Farmacity Portada (1)

Farmacity teams up with Slimstock to improve in-store availability

Farmacity, one of the largest pharmacy chains in Argentina, has partnered with Slimstock to optimise its supply chain with a focus...

9 May 2023


Cartoons With Lightbulb Minimum Order Quantity

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) Explained

5 facts you need to know about MOQ! Download our guide to unravelling the secret of optimal order quantities!

27 Apr 2023 Supply Planning


inventory reduction

Lead Time Volatility: How to Navigate from Chaos to Control and Manage It Effectively

It might’ve been the fittest that survived during the pandemic, but the businesses that genuinely thrived were the most...

25 Apr 2023 Supply Planning


Otif Warehouse With Stock

Is OTIF The Right Way to Measure Availability?

What on Earth is OTIF? And can it help your business perform better? To answer this question effectively, let’s look back at the groundings of OTIF.

21 Apr 2023 Inventory Optimisation


Supply Chain Management Cartoon Umbrella

Supply Chain Management: How To Build a More Resilient Operation?

If supply chain shocks are new to you, you’re likely new to supply chain. It’s almost par for the course that blips, booms...

17 Feb 2023 Supply Chain Tactics


Supply Planning People In Industry

Supply Planning: 5 Strategies To Build a More Dependable Operation

You are right in the thick of the action. And it’s up to you call the shots. However, you’re only ever as strong as your...

15 Feb 2023 Supply Chain Tactics


Chinese New Year Thumb Preview

Your Chinese New Year Inventory Planning Toolkit

Every year, Chinese New Year supplier closures present supply chain teams with a real headache.

22 Sep 2022 Supply Planning


Inside Shops

Inside Shops chooses Slimstock to optimise allocation & replenishment

Slimstock will provide Inside Shops with automated allocation, replenishment, and scarcity management in order to further maximise...

2 Aug 2022


Bathroom Header 2

How to avoid flushing your profits

How can you stop flushing away your profits. Find out how you can make better inventory decisions with Slim4

1 Jul 2022 Inventory Optimisation


Supplier Selection Pdf Thumb

Supplier selection

In this knowledge article, our inventory experts reveal 5 proven steps to guarantee a smooth supplier selection process. Find out how you can:

9 Feb 2022


SG Lunar new year disruptions 2022

7 Practical Steps to Manage Logistics Disruptions During Lunar New Year

Every year, China witnesses one of the largest human migrations in the world, as the nation’s workforce puts down tools and...

24 Jan 2022 Demand Planning & Forecasting


Inventory Optimisation


Agile and robust inventory management is your best bet against the complex and competitive conditions of the auto market. In...

28 Sep 2021 Supply Planning


Container Crisis Img

There’s not a shortage of containers, just a shortage of thinking

"A container, a container, my kingdom for a container." OK, probably not a direct quote, but maybe close to what you've been...

21 Sep 2021 Supply Planning


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