Telefoonglaasje a leading supplier of mobile device protective cases, has partnered with Slimstock. Focusing on improving visibility and efficiency, the mobile accessories specialist will implement Slimstock’s supply chain planning platform, Slim4.

The Telefoonglaasje webshop offers a diverse range of screen protectors and accessories for more than 300 different smartphones and a complete selection of tablets and smartwatches. As manufacturers push their technological boundaries to release a constant stream of new products, Telefoonglaasje must constantly adjust its supply chain to provide customers with the right products. Telefoonglaasje is, therefore, following its parent company, New Aspect, as the latest customer to join Slimstock’s growing customer community.

By choosing Slimstock’s advanced Slim4 platform, Telefoonglaasje will benefit from the solution’s powerful planning capabilities to improve visibility and support more effective data-driven decision-making.

Responsive planning

Slim4 will play a crucial role in helping the planning team remain flexible as customer demand changes. With a diverse product range and increasingly shorter product lifecycles due to the rapid release of new technology, this is an essential development for Telefoonglaasje. By automating routine supply chain workflows, Telefoonglaajse will be better able to adapt its inventory strategy to market fluctuations.

Anne van der Weerd, Sales and Business Development at Slimstock is delighted to welcome Telefoonglaajse to Slimstock’s growing customer base: “Having supported New Aspect for more than five years, we are extremely pleased with the opportunity also to help their subsidiary, Telefoonglaajse, take its supply chain to the next level.”