Cras Woodgroup aims to cut excess stock with Slim4

Cras Woodgroup Werkplaats

Timber merchant Cras Woodgroup will adopt Slimstock’s AI-powered supply chain planning platform, Slim4, to boost efficiency and optimise working capital investment in stock. The Belgian family-owned company aims to streamline supply chain processes to optimise its inventory balance.

Cras Woodgroup has been active in the timber industry for over 140 years. In addition to importing various types of wood, it also manufactures brands such as Collstrop (garden wood), Dubois-Parquet (parquet flooring), Brems doors (interior doors), Décor et Jardin (garden houses), and Wood on Walls (wooden facade and wall cladding). Under the umbrella name ‘Cras,’ the company has established a network of 17 branches dedicated to offering customers sustainable timber solutions for their building projects.

A more efficient way of working

Cras Wood group sought an advanced supply chain planning solution to synchronise demand and supply. Based on Cras’ supply chain manager’s previous positive experiences with the Slim4 platform, the Belgian company opted for Slimstock’s AI-driven supply chain platform to help transform its operation.

By adopting Slim4, the business will centralise supply chain planning and optimise inventory across three central stock pots.

Slimstock’s inventory platform will be utilised by a dedicated supply chain planning team, providing them with the real-time supply chain insights required to overcome global disruptions and deliver more sustainable business outcomes.

Additionally, by helping the business attain a healthier inventory balance, the transformation project will play a pivotal role in helping Cras Woodgroup eliminate excess stock, freeing up capital to support further growth.

Long-standing partnership

Slimstock’s personalised approach was essential to Cras Woodgroup’s decision to collaborate. Furthermore, Slimstock’s dedication to helping businesses outperform aligns with Cras Woodgroup’s values, ensuring a solid foundation for a successful partnership.

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