E-bike supplier Klever Mobility will adopt Slimstock’s planning platform, Slim4, to attain better visibility throughout its supply chain. The company, realises the importance of leveraging new technologies to increase efficiency, especially during disruptive events such as the COVID pandemic. The decision to roll out the AI-powered Slim4 platform marks an important milestone in Klever Mobility’s development, helping the business attain greater control over its inventory.

Klever Mobility, a subsidiary of Kymco, boasts over 50 years of experience in the scooter and motorbike industry. For the last 25 years, Klever Mobility has focused on electric mobility, manufacturing a range of electric bicycles and speed pedelecs. In addition to supplying a diverse range of electric bikes, the bicycle specialist also maintains an extensive range of spare parts and maintenance components.

By opting for Slimstock’s advanced Slim4 platform, Klever Mobility will gain greater insight into supply and demand, helping the planning team to elevate product availability to the highest possible level. As a result, Klever Mobility aims to deliver a better, faster service to its customers.

Dealers throughout Europe

The bicycle supplier covers an extensive sales area with dozens of dealers across Europe. The supply and demand planning platform offers Klever Mobility more visibility throughout the entire supply chain, allowing the business to remain flexible amidst ever-evolving customer demand across each location.

This improvement will allow the entire supply chain planning process to be managed by just one or two employees. By optimising the planning workload, Slim4 will play a pivotal role in helping the business deliver significant supply chain cost savings while increasing service levels.

Slimstock: a trusted partner

With a deep understanding of the unique challenges and dynamics of the bicycle market, Slimstock has a proven track record for helping businesses create more effective supply chains. With tailor-made solutions built to fit the specific requirements of bicycle companies, this was a decisive factor in Klever Mobility’s decision to become the latest business to embrace the Slim4 platform.