De Meubelman and De Keukenman, two leading interior design firms within the De Mandemakers Group (DMG) family, are poised to elevate their service standards by implementing Slimstock’s Slim4 supply chain planning platform. This strategic move follows the success of De Badenman, another DMG subsidiary company.

De Meubelman, a logistics partner trusted by leading furniture retailers, and De Keukenman, a go-to kitchen supplier for consumers, continually expand and refresh their product offerings. With significant fluctuations in sales across different channels, achieving the optimal inventory balance has become increasingly more difficult.

Balancing Demand and Supply

To professionalise the planning process and attain better visibility throughout the end-to-end supply chain, De Meubelman and De Keukenma will adopt Slimstock’s AI-powered supply chain planning platform, Slim4. By taking advantage of Slimstock’s expertise and the powerful forecasting capabilities of the Slim4 Platform, both businesses will benefit from data-driven insights, helping to increase operational efficiency and improve service levels.

Previous experience with Slim4

In 2023, De Badenman, a bathroom specialist under the De Mandemakers Group (DMG) umbrella, adopted the Slim4 platform within three months. With results evident within just six months of going live, Jan van der Maden, Supply Chain Coordinator at De Mandemakers Groep, is looking forward to rolling out the Slim4 platform across other companies within the DMG Group: “The results Slim4 helped us to achieve at De Badenman exceeded our expectations. We are confident that the Slim4 platform will unlock new opportunities for more companies within our holding group.”