Food importer, Mercato Italiano, will implement Slim4 to get a better grip on supply chain. The importer of Italian wines and delicacies will adopt the advanced supply chain planning platform to gain more robust supply and demand insights, helping the business to respond more effectively to disruption.

Mercato Italiano has been a trusted supplier of imported Italian products to catering, wholesale, and retail businesses for almost 20 years. The Netherlands-based importer carefully selects seasonal products in addition to a core range of Italian delicacies and wines. However, with a product range that is continuously evolving, the risk of waste is a constant battle.

The food importer sought an innovative solution to attain greater control over its supply chain planning process, thus minimising the risk of product shrinkage.

Reducing waste

Mercato Italiano found the solution to its supply chain challenges in Slim4. The AI-driven supply planning platform enables the food importer to react quickly to deviations, balancing demand and supply.

As the primary goal of the project, achieving the optimal inventory balance will increase product availability and minimise the risk of product waste. Adopting Slim4 encourages a more efficient way of working and sets a foundation for continuous improvement, supporting Mercato Italiano’s long-term growth objectives.

Fine-tuned solution

The choice of Slim4 results from an intensive discovery process in which Slimstock proved itself against several vendors. The ability to fine-tune the platform around the specific nuances of the company’s operation, in addition to the presence of the Slimstock Academy, was a decisive factor for Mercato Italiano to select Slim4.

Sandro Moro, owner of Mercato Italiano, looks forward to achieving significant results with Slim4: “We opted for Slimstock’s advanced Slim4 platform as we needed an innovative solution to reach our future growth objectives.”