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Aegir Marine Feature Image

AEGIR-Marine embarks on a digital transformation project to enhance supply chain visibility

  As a leading maker independent service provider for stern seals and propulsion systems for the global maritime industry...

22 Sep 2023


Ffx Feature Image Updated

FFX Group Selects the Slim4 Platform to Drill into Supply Chain Insights

FFX Group, the leading online retailer of power tools, has partnered with Slimstock to create better visibility, enhance ...

15 Sep 2023


Panama Supply Chain Problems

Troubled Waters: Panama Canal Disruption Presents a New Supply Chain Planning Dilemma

Carrying over 14,000 shipping containers with a combined $270 billion in cargo annually, the Panama Canal is perhaps one of the...

15 Sep 2023 Assortment Planning


Polonez Featured

Polonez partners with Slimstock to achieve unified end-to-end planning

Polonez, one of Ireland’s largest specialist grocery retail chains has launched a major supply chain initiative to ...

30 Aug 2023


Omni Channel Feature Image

Omnichannel Strategy and How to Create a Seamless Customer Experience

In an ideal world, complete visibility across the supply chain would be a given. Forecast accuracy would always be 100% perfect...

10 Aug 2023 S&OP + IBP


Boshart Interview (600 × 338px) (1)

How Boshart Enhanced Visibility to Conquer Supply Chain Volatility [Video Interview]

Discover how Boshart Industries mitigated post-covid volatility to enhance customer experience and enable continued growth.

9 Jul 2023


People Processes Technology S&op

What Is Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) in the Digital Age

In volatile and changing environments, sales and operations planning (S&OP) helps businesses work in a far more agile way. If...

4 Jul 2023 S&OP + IBP


Supply Chain Excellence Explorers

A Roadmap to Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)

Turning your strategy into operational excellence may well mean sailing into uncharted waters. To explain it, let’s use an...

23 Jun 2023 S&OP + IBP


Digital Transformation Cartoon Running Arrow

Navigate Digital Transformation to Empower your S&OP

As a modern CEO, you must embrace the fact that the only constant in the current business landscape is change. Failing to...

9 Jun 2023 S&OP + IBP


Astro Lighting

Astro Lighting partners with Slimstock to streamline its operations

With a global presence spanning over 90 countries, Astro Lighting aims to improve its service levels and inventory visibility, and...

25 May 2023


Farmacity Portada (1)

Farmacity teams up with Slimstock to improve in-store availability

Farmacity, one of the largest pharmacy chains in Argentina, has partnered with Slimstock to optimise its supply chain with a focus...

9 May 2023


Integrated Business Proces Overview featured

Exclusive Content: Integrated Business Process Overview

World-class supply chains are driven by cross-functional collaboration between teams An effective S&OP, S&OE and IBP process should pull teams...

23 Mar 2023


Supply Chain Initiative Feature Image 01

Are your supply chain initiatives falling short?

Lots of businesses have ambitious plans for their supply chain. You might yourself. But many supply chain initiatives fail...

17 Mar 2022 S&OP + IBP


Lm Featured Overview

Is your business ready for S&OP?

Take our S&OP readiness scorecard today to find out how well prepared your business is for S&OP!

11 Mar 2022


How To Sell Sales And Operations Planning To Sales

How to sell S&OP to Sales (and everyone else)

Ever heard the story of the American man who mistakenly bought London bridge, thinking he was buying Tower Bridge (the pretty one...

23 Feb 2022 S&OP + IBP


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