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In the world of e-commerce, where customer satisfaction is critical, eSolutions Furniture tackled a significant challenge head-on: modernising its supply chain to boost efficiency and enhance visibility. With the help of Slimstock, the online furniture specialist adopted an advanced AI-powered supply chain planning technology to elevate the customer experience.

Founded in 2021 as a collaboration between Bestar and Bush Industries, eSolutions Furniture is North America’s leading e-commerce solution for residential and commercial furniture. Committed to challenging the industry status quo with creative furniture solutions, eSolutions Furniture continuously innovates its operation in the relentless pursuit of better service.

Antonin Forget Besnard, Supply Chain Strategy and Product Availability Director at eSolutions Furniture, explains: “To realise our growth objectives and fulfil our commitment to providing customers with an outstanding experience, we must invest in our supply chain.”


Embracing Digital Transformation

For eSolutions Furniture, the challenge was crystal clear – unlock robust data-driven demand insights to make effective supply chain decisions. Antonin Forget Besnard explains: “We often ordered too much inventory to compensate for poor visibility. On the flip side, without a clear picture of future demand, managing stockouts was a constant battle.”

eSolutions Furniture needed a robust supply chain planning solution to revolutionise its operation. With the backing of Slimstock as its trusted transformation partner, the furniture e-commerce business adopted Slimstock’s award-winning Slim4 platform to deliver a better customer experience.


Tangible Results

Within just 12 months of using Slimstock’s supply chain planning solution, eSolutions Furniture experienced impactful results, including:

  • Improved visibility
  • Improved accountability & collaboration
  • Improved Efficiency

Improved visibility

Before adopting Slimstock’s Slim4 platform, eSolutions Furniture’s existing forecasting tools provided only a high-level view of future demand. Furthermore, delving into the SKU-level detail required substantial time and manual effort.

Now, with Slim4 in place, the furniture supplier can autonomously generate robust forecasts:

“Accurately forecasting demand for thousands of product lines was simply not possible before. However, thanks to Slim4, we can attain granular demand insights across our entire product assortment. More importantly, Slim4 has helped us automate the bulk of the workload, meaning our planning team has more time to investigate the outliers.”

Improved Accountability & Collaboration

Slim4 has also played a pivotal role in helping eSolutions to forge a more effective S&OP process. Antonin Forget Besnard explains: “Slim4 has helped us to break down internal silos by facilitating better collaboration between the sales and supply chain teams.”

As part of the transformation project, eSolutions Furniture worked with Slimstock to establish a more effective demand review process. “Our Sales team forecasted demand before, but the way the information was cascading didn’t allow for well-integrated alignment.”

The Supply Chain Strategy and Product Availability Director goes on to add: “Given that the sales team now play a far more active role in the process, there is much greater accountability when validating forecasts. And with a better understanding of what is happening within the business, we can drive our S&OP process with more realistic targets and expectations.”

Improved Efficiency

Efficiency was also a significant area of improvement for eSolutions Furniture. By automating routine planning tasks and providing the business with responsive exception-based alerts, the Slim4 platform ensures the planning team focuses on what matters most.

Antonin points out, “Before we embarked on this transformation project, the capacity of our team was extremely stretched. By embracing Slimstock’s supply planning platform, the workload of each planner is far more balanced.”


Next Steps

“One of the biggest benefits of this transformation project is that our team now have more time to identify new improvement opportunities. By creating efficiency gains, enhancing collaboration and improving visibility, we are already taking proactive steps to elevate the customer experience.”

Reflecting on the project, The Supply Chain Strategy and Product Availability Director concludes: “Slimstock’s expert consultants offered a huge amount of support throughout the project. Based on the performance improvements we have seen so far, we are optimistic for the future.”

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