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Floren Dominguez

Supply and Demand Director | Kave Home

“Optimising the supply chain has allowed us to create a more efficient and sustainable operation”

Kave Home is an omnichannel retailer of designer furniture that sells its products in more than 80 countries. The company emerged in 2013 as a pure e-commerce player, but today, Kave Home has expanded its footprint to include 120 physical points of sale. Guided by its unwavering sustainability ethos, the furniture and décor maestro recognised Slimstock as the perfect ally to optimise its supply chain operations.

Amid accelerated growth, the company faced increasing risk of disruption stemming from unmanageable inventory levels and mounting concerns around product obsolescence, skyrocketing supply chain costs, and a growing requirement for external storage capacity.

However, thanks to the implementation of Slimstock’s award-winning supply chain platform, Slim4, Kave Home has reduced Inventory by 40% amidst a 7% increase in its assortment size. Furthermore, the homewares specialist has increased turnover by 26% while maintaining high service levels.

“Optimising the supply chain has allowed us to create a more efficient and sustainable operation”

Floren Domínguez | Supply and Demand Director at Kave home

Reduced inventory levels amidst a growing assortment

Kave Home’s priority was to improve the KPIs of its furniture product category. In this product category, the company has cut its stock by 22% despite increasing sales by 30% and expanding the product range by 17.5%.

“Furniture is a very bulky product. Therefore, from an operational perspective, it requires a lot of space in the warehouse. For this reason, it was key for us to keep the stock levels of these items under tight control while maintaining the growth of the business,” says Floren Domínguez, Supply and Demand Director at Kave Home.

Although the business also sells lamps, decorations, and kitchenware, among other household accessories, this operational challenge was one of the main reasons why Kave Home decided to adopt Slimstock’s supply chain planning platform, Slim4.

Increased efficiency and sustainability

Following the successful implementation, Kave Home’s supply chain is now more efficient and, therefore, more sustainable. As a result, the company has substantially reduced its obsolescence rate. In addition, Slimstock’s end-to-end platform allows Kave Home to work more collaboratively with its suppliers to adjust orders where sales deviate from the forecasted demand dynamically.

At the same time, by forecasting demand much more accurately, it is possible to limit the transport of goods to what is strictly necessary as much as possible. Kave Home has thus managed to reduce the imported volume by 14% while also minimising its packaging and external warehouse space requirements.

“All these elements combined have led to a considerable reduction in our carbon footprint,” says Floren Domínguez.

Sustainability is one of the central values that guide Kave Home’s business. The company designs pieces with recycled and recyclable materials under the principles of circularity. Now, with Slimstock as its partner, it is also committed to the full sustainability of its supply chain.

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