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Desigual reduces its stock by 27% while improving product availability by 4% thanks to Slim4

With its innovative character and the unique style of its creations, Desigual sets the benchmark in the fashion industry. Focused on its customers, the fashion retailer’s main goals were to improve the efficiency of its inventory processes, optimise allocation and replenishment and reduce excess product throughout its network of stores.

“We have achieved these objectives. As a result, we are far more agile than ever before”
Fran Sánchez | S&OP and Supply Chain BP Projects | Desigual

Desigual is defined as a group of optimistic people who believe in the power of creativity as a way of life. Founded in Barcelona in 1984, the retailer has built a network of distribution centres located throughout Europe, America and Asia. Today, Desigual operates in more than 100 countries via a wide variety both physical and digital channels.

Committed to improving the efficiency of its inventory management, as well as enhancing the omnichannel customer experience, Fran Sánchez, S&OP and Supply Chain Project manager explains: “The solution offered by Slimstock covered all our needs in a simple, direct and effective way; all with a high degree of adaptability.”

Better product availability with less stock

One year after the launch of Slim4, Desigual’s results speak for themselves. When the project began, the initial objective was to reduce stock by 25%. To date, the business has attained a 27% reduction in stock while improving product availability by more than 4%.

“The project has been a complete success. We have reduced the average in-store inventory levels by 1,300 units while simultaneously increasing sales,” highlights Fran Sánchez. He goes on to add; “As part of our core business, Slim4 has become an essential tool that is fundamental to our competitiveness and the efficiency of our supply chain.”

Effective management in a fashion environment

With short life cycles and sales periods, and with volatile demand history, the software had to be able to meet the complexities of the fashion environment.

“This complexity is not something that any software can solve. We need Slim4 to overcome this planning hurdles whole supporting optimised management of the pre-season and in-season forecast,” states Sánchez.

It was also necessary to improve agility to proactively manage and fine tune the in-store and omnichannel assortment. For Desigual, it is essential that the customer can easily access any product, regardless of the channel or place where the garment is located.

“We were interested in Slim4’s scarcity management taking into account all the sales channels of a product. We were demanding, but we saw that there was potential in the tool to resolve these issues and we were not wrong”, adds Desigual’s Supply Chain BP Projects.

Strategic business vision

“Slim4’s interface is extremely user-friendly. In an agile, graphical and simple way, we can manage our daily operations and obtain automatic results with minimal effort”, explains Fran Sanchez.

The efficiency improvements have been substantial. The teams can work in a more dynamic way which has allowed them to have a more strategic vision of the business. “The time that we used to spend doing more manual and administrative work is now spent on executing higher value tasks and more strategic processes,” says Fran.

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