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Murray Dickson

Senior Manager of Operations | Boshart Industries

"We observed a downward trend in obsolescence and slow-moving inventory"

Boshart Industries reduces inventory by 10% with the help of Slimstock

The Canadian manufacturer and distributor of plumbing, heating, irrigation and water well supplies to increase its Fill Rate, reduce obsolescence, and decrease inventory by 10% with the help of Slim4.

Boshart Industries, founded in 1955 as a family business dedicated to plumbing installation, has evolved into a leading master distributor of PVF (pipes, valves and fittings) in Canada and the US. With 3 distribution centres spanning both countries, Boshart ensures a fast, top-quality service to support various industries, including plumbing, water well, industrial, HVAC, waterworks, irrigation, and pool and spa.

Implementing Slim4 into Boshart’s operational processes was a strategic move that promised financial and operational advantages. Working closely with Slimstock, the company established a clear and comprehensive structure to incorporate the software effectively. The purchasing staff played a crucial role in the implementation from the outset, assuming delegated roles and responsibilities.

“The introduction of Slimstock’s forecasting capabilities enabled the company to make data-driven decisions rather than relying on intuition. The softwares order generator function facilitated the creation of meaningful and easily manipulable reports in Excel format.”
Murray Dickson | Senior Manager of Operations | Boshart Industries

Despite the recently challenging global situation, which caused some turbulence during the initial years of using Slimstock’s technology, Boshart Industries has experienced significant benefits. The most notable achievement has been a 10% reduction in inventory, resulting in improved Fill Rate metrics while decreasing the capital invested in inventory.
“We observed a downward trend in obsolescence and slow-moving inventory,” Dickson added.

An ongoing implementation and consulting process

The implementation and consulting process with Slimstock has been a continuous collaboration, and Murray Dickson has commended the expertise and knowledge demonstrated by the Slimstock team.

“They successfully aligned Boshart’s supply chain strategy with the software’s business rules, automating labor-intensive tasks that were previously performed manually. This not only increased efficiency but also enhanced user-friendliness, enabling a swift adoption of the system by Boshart’s teams,”
Murray Dickson | Senior Manager of Operations | Boshart Industries

Slimstock Academy: a key tool for Boshart Industries

As part of its mission to help customers to excel, Slimstock offers free access to its Academy. Training plays a crucial role in achieving this goal, and the Academy provides valuable resources to ensure that customers receive hands-on experience, fostering a deeper understanding and better adoption of Slim4 and its functionalities.

Boshart Industries took full advantage of the Slimstock Academy, which offers sessions that are designed to help professionals translate their business strategy into effective supply chain actions. This has been particularly advantageous for Boshart, allowing them to stay updated with the latest advancements in Slim4, and offering training opportunities for both existing and new employees. Dickson says, “The interactive nature of the training sessions, where users can access a real database for hands-on learning, has greatly aided adoption and knowledge retention.”.

Overall, Boshart Industries’ partnership with Slimstock, and the successful implementation of Slim4, has led to a remarkable inventory reduction, improved Fill Rate, decreased obsolescence, and increased operational efficiency. The company’s commitment to leveraging advanced inventory optimisation, demand planning tools and continuous training has proven to be a winning strategy in enhancing its supply chain performance.


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