Lunch and Learn: 360° Perspective of Inventory


The key challenge in any business lies in the inherent conflict of goals among different departments, particularly evident in supply chain management.

Sales prioritize revenue generation, Marketing seeks budget expansion, Warehouse requires more space, and Operations aims to minimize crisis management.

This diversity in objectives often leads to suboptimal decision-making.

Start date: Wednesday 21 February
End date: Wednesday 21 February
Time: 12.00 – 13.00
Language: English

Join our panel discussion, Inventory: A 360° Inventory Perspective, where executives from finance, supply chain, and sales will share their distinctive views on the role of inventory.

Led by moderator Danny Bloem, the discussion will explore the multifaceted nature of inventory and its impact on business operations.

Attend the webinar to find out more:

  • Why do different departments have different KPIs and targets, and how does this contribute to inventory misalignment?
  • Reasons behind the behaviours of various departments and how it affect your company
  • How to create a solution to coordinate strategies across departments and improve communication
  • Learn how Sales & Operations Planning, as a unifying platform, can help teams share expectations, cooperate on more effective supply chain planning, and contribute to your business goals.


Danny Circle
Danny Bloem
Supply Chain Consultancy Manager | Slimstock
Munawar Quraishi
Munawar Quraishi
President | Safety Express
Jason Rude
Jason Rude
Supply Chain Executive