Europe’s leading distributor of Asian food, Heuschen & Schrouff, has unlocked significant performance improvements following the successful adoption of Slimstock’s advanced supply chain planning platform. By enhancing visibility throughout its end-to-end supply chain, the transformation project has helped the specialist food distributors to enhance customer experience, improve operational efficiency and reduce waste.

For over 60 years, Heuschen & Schrouff has been bringing the authentic taste from different continents to consumers across Europe. As one of the market-leaders, Heuschen & Schrouff is dedicated to sourcing the finest food products from Asian, African, Caribbean, and Arabic regions. To support further growth, the businesses needed to improve its responsiveness to achieve its two main goals: eliminate waste and set the industry standard in service.

A perfect pairing for supply chain success

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“As a business that is committed to connecting people and culture through food, its vital we offer customers both exceptional choice and product quality. Therefore, to solidify our position as the no. 1 importer and distributor of authentic Asian Food, we needed to revolutionise our approach to supply chain planning”, Marc Boits, CEO at Heuschen & Schrouff

A desire for continuous improvement

Explaining the rapid implementation process Marc Boits states: “Our team has fully embraced Slim4. Within just 6 months, the platform has been fully adopted throughout our supply chain. For a business of our size, this is a huge achievement.”

Through helping to automate routine supply chain workflows and providing exception-based alerts, the planning team can now adapt to changing market conditions, ensuring better alignment throughout the business.

Boits added: “Our team can optimise product shelf life, respond to erratic lead times and manage the impact of promotions. As a result, we have already seen a significant improvement in service levels. More importantly, by creating visibility within our supply chain, and helping to better align sales and supply chain teams, we have gained a much better grip on reducing waste.”

Next steps

Now that Slim4 has been implemented in the organisation, the company is working with Slimstock on further performance improvements. “We will use Slim4’s powerful supply chain planning capabilities to further improve our S&OP process. With Slimstock as our trusted partner, we are optimistic about the next phase of our transformation process,” Marc Boits concludes.