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Panama Supply Chain Problems

Troubled Waters: Panama Canal Disruption Presents a New Supply Chain Planning Dilemma

Carrying over 14,000 shipping containers with a combined $270 billion in cargo annually, the Panama Canal is perhaps one of the...

15 Sep 2023 Assortment Planning


Alipensa Featured

The Journey to E2E Supply Chain Planning

Disruption is the only certainty in supply chain planning. Yet, what if the latest source of upheaval isn't driven by global...

8 Sep 2023 Allocation & Replenishment


Dynamic Stock Replenishment

The Dynamic Stock Replenishment Revolution

The more successful your retail operation is, the better you need to be at replenishing your stock. It’s all well and good...

1 Sep 2023 Allocation & Replenishment


Lecot winkel 1920x400

With over 130 years of industry experience, the construction wholesaler, Lecot, has evolved from a small hardware retail operation...


Digital Supply Chain Investment

Building a Case For Digital Supply Chain Investment

Most businesses are starting or continuing to invest in digital supply chain tools. A recent Gartner survey found 66% of companies...

24 Aug 2023 Supply Chain Tactics


Slim4 Vs Spreadsheets Feature Image(1)

How AI-enabled planning platforms stole the spreadsheet’s crown

Back when faxing ruled the world, the almighty spreadsheet was the most revered planning tool on the planet. Spreadsheets were...

17 Aug 2023 Demand Planning & Forecasting


Omni Channel Feature Image

Omnichannel Strategy and How to Create a Seamless Customer Experience

In an ideal world, complete visibility across the supply chain would be a given. Forecast accuracy would always be 100% perfect...

10 Aug 2023 S&OP + IBP


Supply Chain Kpi Thumb

Supply Chain KPIs For Better Business Results

"What cannot be measured cannot be improved." This timeless adage rings true for virtually every business process, including, of...

3 Aug 2023 Supply Chain Tactics


Supply Chain Risk Cartoon

What’s Your Appetite For Supply Chain Risk?

It seems like risk greets you at every turn these days, whether you’re navigating a heavily disrupted supply chain, trying to...

25 Jul 2023 Supply Chain Tactics


Power To The People

Human-Centric Supply Chain – Power to Your People

Why the future of your supply chain is human-centric Listen to the press, social media or the hushed whispers in the dark...

20 Jul 2023 Supply Chain Tactics


Machine Learning Supply Chain Slimstock

Agile Strategies for the Dynamic Manufacturing Supply Chain

In a world rocked by relentless challenges, the manufacturing industry has been at the forefront of disruption. Rising raw...

18 Jul 2023 Supply Chain Tactics


Digital Twin Cartoon Screen

Digital Twin: How Can It Facilitate Large-Scale Innovation?

Pressure is the ultimate driver of change. As Mark Twain wisely stated: “Necessity is the mother of taking chances.”. And...

6 Jul 2023 Supply Chain Tactics


Supply Chain Sustainability Cartoon Bulb

Supply Chain Sustainability and the Rise of Net Zero

Look around the high street or at the swathe of targeted online ads you get this week, and there will be one theme that’s hard...

30 Jun 2023 Supply Chain Tactics


Cartoon Watching Working Capital

How to Unlock Working Capital and Transform Your Supply Chain’s Financial Performance

Supply chain costs are soaring all over the world. And like many of your competitors, you’ve probably been thinking about how...

29 Jun 2023 Inventory Optimisation


Supply Chain Excellence Explorers

A Roadmap to Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)

Turning your strategy into operational excellence may well mean sailing into uncharted waters. To explain it, let’s use an...

23 Jun 2023 S&OP + IBP


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