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Tiendas 3b Shop Counter

Tiendas 3B adopts a fresh approach to supply chain planning

With the mission of providing customers across Bolivia with great value and exceptional choice, the grocery retailer has ambitious...

9 Jan 2024


Lean Logistics Featured Image

Lean Logistics: How to Eliminate Waste Throughout your Supply Chain

The continuous pursuit of efficient business processes is the maxim of all top-performing companies. Achieving operational...

7 Dec 2023 Allocation & Replenishment


Destacada Kave Home

"Find out how Kave Home reduced its stock with Slim4."


Bmn Arjan Wagemaker

To elevate the planning team's knowledge and ensure the business gets the most out of Slimstock's supply chain planning platform, Slim4, BMN Netherlands has embraced the Slimstock Academy.


Dille Kamille | Harold Reusink

FInd out how Dille & Kamille adopted Slimstock's Slim4 platform to halve stock outs and gain greater control over its end to end supply chain.


Dynamic Stock Replenishment

Middle East Retail Forum 2023

Slimstock In the dynamic realm of retail, where customer expectations and market trends evolve rapidly, effective supply chain management is...

Address Dubai Marina
10 October 2023


Bill Of Materials Bom

Bill of Materials Demystified

What is a Bill of Materials (BOM), and how can it help you unlock efficiency gains throughout your manufacturing process? In...

29 Sep 2023 Assortment Planning


Featured Image Prodalam

Within just seven months of adopting the Slim4 platform, Prodalam S.A. has notably improved product availability while significantly reducing inventory levels.


Panama Supply Chain Problems

Troubled Waters: Panama Canal Disruption Presents a New Supply Chain Planning Dilemma

Carrying over 14,000 shipping containers with a combined $270 billion in cargo annually, the Panama Canal is perhaps one of the...

15 Sep 2023 Assortment Planning


Farmacity Portada (1)

Farmacity teams up with Slimstock to improve in-store availability

Farmacity, one of the largest pharmacy chains in Argentina, has partnered with Slimstock to optimise its supply chain with a focus...

9 May 2023


Cartoons With Light Bulb Of Product Lifecycle Management

7 Steps to Profitable Product Lifecycle Management

In this article, we explore how you can encompass both sales and the wider supply chain team into the product lifecycle decision making process.

5 May 2023 Assortment Planning


abc analysis

ABC Analysis: The ultimate guide

The life of someone who works in the supply chain is never easy. Therefore, it is vital that you focus on the right things. But...

2 May 2023 Assortment Planning


Assortment Strategy Cartoon Crossroad

How To Create a Winning Assortment Strategy

Your sales and profitability are both massively impacted by the strength of your assortment strategy. That means your bottom line...

14 Apr 2023 Assortment Planning


Euroshop News

Slimstock Help Retailers Boost Margins at Euroshop 2023

DEVENTER – The leading supply chain optimisation specialist will join forward-thinking retailers at Euroshop Expo 2023 in ...

16 Feb 2023


Assortment Planning Hero Paint Cards

Assortment planning: Definition, examples and a 10-step checklist

Your assortment is a treasure trove of value. Get it right and your on to a winner. But get it wrong and you will be in a world of pain.

3 Feb 2023 Assortment Planning


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