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Victor Aguayo

Supply Chain and Logistics Manager | Prodalam

“With Slim4, we boosted our availability by over 4% while reducing inventory by more than 10%”

Prodalam boosts supply chain performance with the Slim4 Platform

Within just seven months of adopting the Slim4 platform, Prodalam S.A. has notably improved product availability while significantly reducing inventory levels. As a business committed to meeting its customers’ needs in an agile and efficient manner, this achievement marks an important milestone in Prodalam’s journey towards supply chain excellence.

“With Slim4, we boosted our availability by over 4% while reducing inventory by more than 10%”
Victor Aguayo | Supply Chain and Logistics Manager | Prodalam

For over 50 years, Prodalam has delivered innovative, cost-effective and reliable solutions to the agricultural, construction, industrial, fishing and mining industries. Today, its expansive range encompasses a broad mix of steel, construction, and concrete reinforcement products.

Since rolling out the Slim4 platform, Prodalam has enjoyed remarkable improvements: An inventory reduction of more than 10%, accompanied by a 4% increase in the availability across its 40 branches and three distribution centres.

Optimised supply chain processes

To further mature its supply chain processes, Prodalam needed a solution that would provide a solid basis for more effective supply chain planning. After reviewing the market, the businesses implemented Slimstock’s award-winning supply chain planning solution, Slim4, to enhance its S&OP processes. Victor Aguayo, Supply Chain and Logistics Manager at Prodalam: “We needed a solution that could help us both generate more robust demand forecasts and dynamically calculate safety stock requirements.”

Long term partners

As part of the transformation project, Prodalam completed a rigorous data preparation process, establishing new protocols to integrate data seamlessly. Aguayo highlights the continuous support from Slimstock’s supply chain experts: “From the initial training and coaching stages right through to today, the support has always been exceptional. Slimstock’s team are always on hand to help us out.”

The key to a successful implementation

With more than ten years of experience in utilising automated replenishment systems, coupled with well-defined processes and high-quality data already in place, the Prodalam Procurement team were fast to adopt the Slim4 Platform. However, with the launch of Slim4, more than 80% of the planning processes became automated, allowing Prodalam’s team more time to focus on the battle for improved availability, reduced stock-outs and optimised investment of working capital in stock.

Next steps for Prodalam

After establishing the basis of its supply chain planning processes and achieving its first objectives, Prodalam is now working with the Slimstock team to further exploit Slim4’s power AI-forecasting capabilities to elevate its Sales and Operation Planning (S&OP) process. “We are already getting to grips with Slim4’s impressive S&OP and BI capabilities. We are also piloting the use of Machine Learning to exclude order anomalies and thus improve our forecast at the SKU level,” concludes Victor Aguayo, Supply Chain and Logistics Manager.


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