Óticas Brasil, a trailblazer in optical technologies, has embarked on a groundbreaking supply chain initiative to digitalise planning and enhance collaboration across the entire supply chain.

With a rich history spanning almost four decades, Óticas Brasil is Brazil’s foremost expert in developing and distributing optical products. However, faced with increasingly volatile supply chain conditions, the optical specialist needed to create a more robust planning foundation to build upon its winning combination of exceptional customer service and product choice.

To overcome these hurdles, Óticas Brasil initiated a digital transformation project to streamline its supply chain operations. Valkênio Lima, Purchasing Manager at Óticas Brasil, highlights: “Our supply chain decision-making used to rely on the intuition of our in-store teams. By adopting a more centralised approach, we will attain a more holistic picture of future demand, empowering our central team to make more intelligent purchasing decisions.”

Óticas Brasil has partnered with the supply chain experts at Slimstock. As part of the transformation initiative, the business will leverage the AI-powered forecasting and replenishment capabilities of Slimstock’s award-winning Slim4 platform.

Leandro Martins, IT Manager, further emphasises the significance of this partnership, stating, “As we embark on this project, we are confident our partnership with Slimstock will enable us to enhance visibility, improve control, and support more effective decision-making across the business.”