The Van der Logt Group, a leading provider of utilities and consumables, including hygiene, paper, and office products to distributors, SMEs and national chains, is gearing up to implement Slimstock’s supply planning platform, Slim4. By rolling out the award-winning Slim4 platform, the Van der Logt Group aims to enhance visibility across its supply chain, empower its workforce to operate more efficiently and cut the number of out-of-stocks.

More than 100,000 customers across Europe rely on Van der Logt’s product range. With products sourced from around the globe, the business faced a significant challenge: navigating erratic lead times.

The existing Excel-based supply chain planning processes lacked the flexibility to control the inventory effectively. Consequently, product availability issues were becoming increasingly more common.

Defining a more efficient way of working

Van der Logt Group started looking for a more effective supply chain planning solution to balance demand and supply. After exploring the market, the company decided to partner with Slimstock.

Elfride Lim, purchasing manager at Van der Logt, explains: “We currently depend on a combination of spreadsheets and our team’s knowledge to manage our inventory. However, this process is error-prone and often fails to take full advantage of historical data. With the implementation of Slimstock’s supply planning platform, we will automate routine tasks, improving our efficiency.”

Improved supply chain visibility

The AI-driven supply planning platform Slim4 will enable Van der Logt Group to produce reliable forecasts, allowing our planning team to focus more time on using these data insights to make better decisions.

In addition, thanks to the ABC module, more focus will be placed on strategic items within the product range. Elfride stresses, “With this supply chain transformation project, we will be able to quickly identify where inventory is building up for some products and which items are in danger of going out-of-stock. Based on these insights, we will autonomously calculate the right order quantity to fill the containers, reducing inventory levels while improving service levels. We are convinced that Slimstock is the right partner to achieve our goals.”

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