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Bill Of Materials Bom

Bill of Materials Demystified

What is a Bill of Materials (BOM), and how can it help you unlock efficiency gains throughout your manufacturing process? In...

29 Sep 2023 Assortment Planning


Panama Supply Chain Problems

Troubled Waters: Panama Canal Disruption Presents a New Supply Chain Planning Dilemma

Carrying over 14,000 shipping containers with a combined $270 billion in cargo annually, the Panama Canal is perhaps one of the...

15 Sep 2023 Assortment Planning


Nkuku Feature Image

With a mission to empower local artisans, Nkuku combines traditional crafts and natural materials to offer a timeless collection...


Slim4 Vs Spreadsheets Feature Image(1)

How AI-enabled planning platforms stole the spreadsheet’s crown

Back when faxing ruled the world, the almighty spreadsheet was the most revered planning tool on the planet. Spreadsheets were...

17 Aug 2023 Demand Planning & Forecasting


Demand Planning Ebook Featured Image

Demand Planning – The Ultimate Guide Ebook

Unlock the Secrets: Download our exclusive PDF and gain access to invaluable knowledge that will revolutionize your understanding of Demand...

20 Jul 2023


Decoupling Point Thinking Cartoon

How can you leverage decoupling point to drive supply chain flexibility?

Everyone wants flexibility. But faced with fluctuating customer demand, unpredictable market dynamics and soaring costs, supply...

6 Jun 2023 Demand Planning & Forecasting


Master Data Cartoon Typing On Laptop

Machine Learning for Product Demand Forecasting

How can you take advantage of Machine Learning to make better supply chain decisions? For years, businesses have strived to...

24 May 2023 Demand Planning & Forecasting


Farmacity Portada (1)

Farmacity teams up with Slimstock to improve in-store availability

Farmacity, one of the largest pharmacy chains in Argentina, has partnered with Slimstock to optimise its supply chain with a focus...

9 May 2023


Demand Forecasting Feature Image

Demand Forecasting: The Handbook To Help You Transform Your Business

Making good business decisions can be the difference between profit and loss. Between surviving and thriving. To stand the best...

19 Apr 2023 Demand Planning & Forecasting


Bullwhip Effect Retail Boxes

How Can You Reduce The Impact of the Bullwhip Effect?

Many companies are currently dealing with a strong bullwhip effect. In part, this problem is tied to the ongoing impacts of the...

25 Jan 2023 Demand Planning & Forecasting


Shipping Containers Demand Planning Og

Demand Planning – The Ultimate Guide

Ask anyone involved in demand planning, demand forecasting or demand management, and they will tell you the same thing: this...

16 Jan 2023 Demand Planning & Forecasting


When Ai Goes Wrong

What happens when A.I. goes wrong?

A.I. is shaping tomorrow's supply chain. But what happens when this clever tech get in wrong? Click here to read more

4 Mar 2022 Demand Planning & Forecasting


SG Lunar new year disruptions 2022

7 Practical Steps to Manage Logistics Disruptions During Lunar New Year

Every year, China witnesses one of the largest human migrations in the world, as the nation’s workforce puts down tools and...

24 Jan 2022 Demand Planning & Forecasting


Inventory Planning - Excel vs Demand Planning Software

Strategies to Operations Series 4: Inventory Planning | Excel vs Demand Planning Software

For almost all business professionals, the relationship with spreadsheets started when they were at school. Over time, they become familiar...

15 Sep 2021 Demand Planning & Forecasting


Springboard Success Of Your New Product


Launching a new product comes with great risk. Even if the product launch is a success, if the company fails...

7 Sep 2021


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