Equestrian sports retailer, Epplejeck, has launched a supply planning transformation project to support the company’s continued growth. By leveraging Slimstock’s advanced supply chain planning platform, the project will play a pivotal role in optimising product availability across all sales channels.

Over the last 15 years, Epplejeck has grown to become the largest equestrian sports shop in the Netherlands. With an extensive range of equestrian clothing and accessories, the business’s assortment is constantly evolving with the addition of new products from both renowned and emerging brands.

The equestrian specialist retailer also faces the impact of events and seasonal demand shifts, which heavily influence its product offerings. To navigate these operational challenges and better balance inventory throughout its network, Epplejeck found the perfect solution in Slim4.

Rebalancing inventory through optimised allocation

Slimstock’s AI-powered Slim4 platform will enable Epplejeck to create a more robust forecast at a SKU/Store level of granularity. With over 15,000 SKUs per shop and 21 physical branches spread across the Netherlands and Belgium, Slim4 will help the retailer to optimise inventory allocation, improving efficiency throughout the supply chain.

Furthermore, by enhancing visibility, Epplejeck will become better positioned to align supply and demand, resulting in an increased inventory turnover rate throughout the distribution centre and stores. This, in turn, will help the Equestrian specialist to increase product availability and reduce stock-outs, improving its business performance and thus supporting further growth.

The right partner for success

After exploring the market, Epplejeck’s decision to implement Slimstock’s advanced supply and demand platform, Slim4, was based on the positive references of other businesses in the industry. The business case prepared by Slimstock outlined a clear and compelling roadmap to operational excellence, leaving Epplejeck eager to adopt the Slim4 platform.

Peter Visser, CFO at Epplejeck, highlights: “By providing a realistic and clear business case, Slimstock gave us clarity on the size of the opportunity. Slimstock offers a ‘proven solution’, so we don’t need to reinvent the wheel.”