Slimstock's guide to ABC / XYZ Analysis will help you make sense of your inventory and order more efficiently

Slimstock’s Guide to ABC/XYZ Analysis

Slimstock’s guide to making sense of your inventory and how much to order using the ABC / XYZ Analysis framework

Working for a small business often means your office is in a spare room or garage, and ordering can be done by simply looking to see what inventory you’re low on. However, once you begin searching for warehouse space and applying for an expanded line of business credit, inventory management gets increasingly complex. A growing business requires a more sophisticated approach to forecasting.

You’ve probably heard about ABC/XYZ analysis already, but do you know the first steps toward implementing it for your inventory? If not, don’t worry – Slimstock is here to help with a beginner’s guide to ABC / XYZ analysis.

Our guide to ABC XYZ Analysis will help you order better today