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reasons for keeping inventory

Reasons for keeping inventory

One of the main reasons for keeping inventory is to provide customers with the best possible level of service. However, many…

4 Jul 2019 Inventory Optimisation


Erhöhte Prognosegenauigkeit in Krisenzeiten


The goal of Slim4 – Slimstock’s inventory optimization software – is to predict the future. Specifically, how much of an…

3 Jul 2019 Allocation & Replenishment


Customer Satisfaction


Andrew Thomas, founder of Skybell Video Doorbell, reports that it takes roughly 40 positive customer experiences to undo the…

26 Mar 2019 Supply Chain Tactics


Demand Management Slimstock Article

Demand management – staying one step ahead of customer demand

Demand management Infographic: a guide to expecting the unexpected! Demand management is all about keeping customers happy….

22 Jan 2019 Demand Planning & Forecasting


food inventory management

Inventory management in food retail is a balancing act between availability and shrinkage

Food inventory management – A typical characteristic of fruit & vegetable products in the produce category is that suppliers,…

3 Dec 2018 Inventory Optimisation


Sales And Operation Splanning

Sales and operations planning: What are your objectives?

How can Slim4 support my sales and operations planning process? An effective sales and operations planning process (S&OP)…

2 Nov 2018 S&OP + IBP


grocery inventory management

Grocery Inventory Management: The battle must rumble on!

From food redistribution schemes to intelligent fridge cameras that help prevent consumers from over-buying, retailers have…

3 Jul 2018 Inventory Optimisation


retail forecasting

Retail forecasting is a must win game to ensure world cup success!

With the 2018 World Cup kicking off on Thursday 14th June, only 30,000 England fans are expected to make the trip to Russia: a…

4 Jun 2018 Demand Planning & Forecasting


seasonal inventory

Seasonal Inventory: Gnome your demand

As soon as the sun hits the UK, everyone is stocking up on their essential summer supplies. However, with summer days and alfresco…

30 May 2018 Demand Planning & Forecasting


promotions management

Promotions management: Time for a fresh approach?

Promotions management has always presented retailers with a dilemma: a huge headache but an unavoidable reality of modern…

28 Dec 2017 Demand Planning & Forecasting


production planning

Tour de Supply Chain: Wholesale & Distribution

With the Tour de France approaching, team GB continue to insipre cyclists all over the UK. With team GB’s triumph in the last…

9 Nov 2017


Slimstock Charity

Slimstock’s Erik De Witte joined Pimp my Tuk-Tuk charity ride 2017

This year, Slimstock took part in the Pimp My Tuk-Tuk (PMTT) Charity ride to raise money for the Foundation of Goodness (FOG). 54…

13 Oct 2017


slimstock retail topics magazine

Supply chain is becoming increasingly important at Intergamma

Intergamma – with 385 stores throughout the Netherlands and Belgium – has significantly expanded its private label range over…

12 Oct 2017


Collaborate With Your Suppliers

Supplier Collaboration made easy

Supplier collaboration can unlock huge performance improvements. Many businesses invest a huge amount of time and effort into…

28 Aug 2017


product lifecycle

Why do service levels have a powerful impact on profitability?

“I need a 100% service level” – a typical expectation of both management and commercial departments. Purchasing & operational…

18 Jul 2017


the pareto principle

The Pareto Principle: Going beyond the 80:20 rule

The Pareto Principle has really stood up to the sands of time. When this clever theory was first condoured up, who would have…

20 Apr 2017


long tail inventory management

Transform your long tail inventory into a profit-making machine

In our modern world where the likes of Amazon and Alibaba reign supreme, no one is willing to wait. Thus, to remain competitive,…

6 Feb 2017


Multi Echelon

MEIO: How can you create visibility in a multi-channel environment?

For companies that exist in today’s complex omnichannel and multisite environment, achieving stock availability has never been…

5 Jan 2017


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