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Brenden Lucas

Last updated: April 17, 2023
Brenden Lucas

CNY Video Series 1: Confirm Supplier Schedule

Confirming your supplier schedule to break down the total lead time in production and transport time will allow you to gain more visibility.

This allows you to plan ahead an ship products before Chinese New Year starts and receive goods in time.

CNY Video Series 2: Split your items into Urgent vs Non-Urgent items

To prevent a stock-out during peak period stocking up every item just to have a peace of mind is not practical!

What are some other factors you should consider?

CNY Video Series 3: Plan, Place and Forecast your Orders

Discover what you can do now to ensure you navigate the Chinese New Year period and emerge stronger!

What other considerations would you take note of when forecasting your orders during peak seasons?

CNY Video Series 4: Align your Team for Tactical Operational Planning

“Planning is one thing, Execution is Everything”

Does your team have sufficient capacity to manage the logistical requirements during Chinese New Year?

CNY Video Series 5: S&OP

So, what is S&OP? We all have heard of it but how can we apply it?

Managing a supply chain is no longer a back-office responsibility and involves key players from different departments to produce an integrated plan.

CNY Video Series 6: Consider External Factors

“When you can’t change the direction of the wind, adjust your sails”

With many countries affected and recovering from the pandemic before the upcoming Chinese New Year, companies must be able to adapt their supply networks to external factors.

CNY Video Series 7: Stakeholder Communication

Sharing of forecast both internally and externally with Chinese New Year approaching ensures that we prevent a bullwhip effect where we see extra inventory across the supply chain to hedge against variability.

CNY Video Series 8: Risk Management

Risk in the supply chain cause interruption that can have an adverse impact on revenue and customer satisfaction.

Identifying them early and developing a playbook can allow you to navigate calmly during potential chaos.

Too confusing? Don’t worry! We prepared a CNY Checklist to make planning easier for you.

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