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Assortment Planning To Maximise Value Of Your Product Range!

assortment planning

Businesses are under constant pressure from customers to deliver goods as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, given that many organisations offer thousands upon thousands of items, its vital that the assortment planning process is effective. After all, with fierce competition from other organisations, stock outs and availability issues could force customers to make their purchases elsewhere. But what can a supply chain team do to take control of their exploding assortment?

In pursuit of a unique selling point, many businesses have expanded their assortment to encompass more products than ever before. While offering broad and deep assortments undoubtedly ensures customers have plenty of choice, managing such a large number of items is a daunting task to say the least!

Assortment planning: A proactive approach!

The danger of offering such large assortments is that there is likely to be a large proportion of the range that only returns a minimum for the business. Given that 80% of a business’ revenue is generated by just 20% of the product range, the importance of effective assortment planning cannot be understated!

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