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emuca loo

Emuca boasts a service level exceeding 95% across its extensive assortment, fulfilling its promise to fulfil customer orders within just 24-48 hours.


Supply Chain Talent

Time to tackle the supply chain talent crisis

There is an unprecedented skills shortage worldwide, and the situation is not going to get any easier. In a recent study from…

4 Mar 2024 Supply Chain Tactics


Óticas Brasil

Óticas Brasil Sharpens Supply Chain Visibility with Slimstock

With a rich history spanning almost four decades, Óticas Brasil is Brazil’s foremost expert in developing and distributing…

4 Mar 2024


Epplejeck Beter In Balans Met Slim4

Epplejeck selects Slim4 platform to balance supply and demand

Over the last 15 years, Epplejeck has grown to become the largest equestrian sports shop in the Netherlands. With an extensive…

1 Mar 2024


Just In Time Featured Image

Just In Time: an (almost) Stockless approach to inventory planning

Managing inventory well is a challenge for any business, especially in uncertain times when supply chain reliability is low and…

29 Feb 2024 Supply Chain Tactics



Wäschekrone strengthens supply chain efficiency through partnership with Slimstock

The Laichingen-based company Wäschekrone has stood for high-quality hotel and catering linen since 1960. Today, with over 80…

29 Feb 2024


Shroedinger's Cat

Schrödinger’s Inventory Paradox

We are probably all familiar with Schrödinger’s famous thought experiment, where he imagines a cat in a closed box with a flask…

22 Feb 2024 Demand Planning & Forecasting


Klever Mobility Fiets

Klever Mobility aims to increase service levels with the help of Slim4

Klever Mobility, a subsidiary of Kymco, boasts over 50 years of experience in the scooter and motorbike industry. For the last 25…

20 Feb 2024


Max Monse Supply Chain Analist Bij Moonen Packaging
Moonen Packaging logo

Find out how Moonen Packaging is tackling supply chain disruptions and maximising efficiency with Slim4 inventory optimisation.



Event | EuroCIS 2024

EuroCIS is not an everyday event. It has been the exclusive hotspot for Retail Technology in Europe for years, attracting exhibitors and industry professionals.

27 February 2024


Supplier Relationship Management

Supplier Relationship Management: a guide to better supplier selection, negotiation & performance evaluation

In today’s complex environment, there are a number of challenges that threaten business performance. With the need to survive in a…

19 Feb 2024 Demand Planning & Forecasting


Sabco Autralia

Sabco Australia bets on innovation to meet inventory challenges

The main objective of the project focuses on efficient product categorisation, enabling strategic prioritisation. In addition,…

15 Feb 2024


De Mandemakers Groep

De Mandemakers Group extends supply chain success to De Meubelman and De Keukenman

De Meubelman, a logistics partner trusted by leading furniture retailers, and De Keukenman, a go-to kitchen supplier for consumers…

13 Feb 2024


Mercato Italiano

Mercato Italiano aims to increase availability and reduce waste with Slim4

Mercato Italiano has been a trusted supplier of imported Italian products to catering, wholesale, and retail businesses for almost…

13 Feb 2024


Grupo Real Warehouse

Grupo Real tunes up its supply chain with Slimstock’s Slim4 Platform

With over six decades of experience, the automotive specialist has a rich history of pioneering mobility throughout the region….

12 Feb 2024


Production Planning Card Overview 1

Production Planning Q&A: Unlock Efficiency Gains Throughout Your Manufacturing Operation

The objectives of production planning are clear: to maximise productivity and plan manufacturing to meet customer expectations…

12 Feb 2024 Demand Planning & Forecasting


Relay Global Store

Relay Global supply chain innovation supported by Slimstock

Relay Global, founded in 1976, stands out in the decorating and building materials industry. As a trusted supplier offering top-…

7 Feb 2024


Its Warehouse

ITS partners with Slimstock to create a customer-centric supply chain

ITS recognises customer satisfaction is paramount in a fiercely competitive industry, where customer loyalty hinges on product…

7 Feb 2024


Ilva Butik
ilva logo

With ambitious goals to expand its footprint, ILVA joined forces with the supply chain experts at Slimstock. Within just months of adopting Slimstock’s advanced supply chain planning platform, Slim4, ILVA has seen remarkable results


Cubico Easy Bathrooms Vehicles Uk

Cubico revolutionises its supply chain with Slimstock collaboration

In the dynamic bathroom design world, Cubico – trading as Easy Bathrooms – is pioneering innovative products that redefine…

7 Feb 2024


Bidfood Nz Supply Chain Team

Bidfood NZ revolutionises its supply chain with Slimstock’s Slim4

To overcome these obstacles, Bidfood NZ has chosen Slimstock’s supply planning platform, Slim4. This solution will allow Bidfood…

5 Feb 2024


Bidfood Mea Team

Bidfood partners with Slimstock to guide their supply chain transformation

The Food and Beverage (F&B) industry has grappled with significant challenges lately. The huge increase in energy costs, rising…

5 Feb 2024


Kantoorpand Telefoonglaasje

Telefoonglaasje Improves Supply Chain Agility With Slimstock

The Telefoonglaasje webshop offers a diverse range of screen protectors and accessories for more than 300 different smartphones…

1 Feb 2024


Frits Dijk Magazijn Frits Dijk Internationaal
Frits Dijk International logo compact

Find out how Frits Dijk increased service levels to 97% with Slim4-upgrade, reduced inventory costs by 15% and strengthened its supply chain position for the future.


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