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Machine Learning Supply Chain Slimstock

Agile Strategies for the Dynamic Manufacturing Supply Chain

In a world rocked by relentless challenges, the manufacturing industry has been at the forefront of disruption. Rising raw…

18 Jul 2023 Supply Chain Tactics


Boshart Interview (600 × 338px) (1)

How Boshart Enhanced Visibility to Conquer Supply Chain Volatility [Video Interview]

Discover how Boshart Industries mitigated post-covid volatility to enhance customer experience and enable continued growth.

9 Jul 2023 S&OP + IBP


Digital Twin Cartoon Screen

Digital Twin: How Can It Facilitate Large-Scale Innovation?

Pressure is the ultimate driver of change. As Mark Twain wisely stated: “Necessity is the mother of taking chances.”. And…

6 Jul 2023 Supply Chain Tactics


People Processes Technology S&op

What Is Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) in the Digital Age

In volatile and changing environments, sales and operations planning (S&OP) helps businesses work in a far more agile way. If…

4 Jul 2023 S&OP + IBP


Supply Chain Sustainability Cartoon Bulb

Supply Chain Sustainability and the Rise of Net Zero

Look around the high street or at the swathe of targeted online ads you get this week, and there will be one theme that’s hard…

30 Jun 2023 Supply Chain Tactics


Cartoon Watching Working Capital

How to Unlock Working Capital and Transform Your Supply Chain’s Financial Performance

Supply chain costs are soaring all over the world. And like many of your competitors, you’ve probably been thinking about how…

29 Jun 2023 Inventory Optimisation


Supply Chain Excellence Explorers

A Roadmap to Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)

Turning your strategy into operational excellence may well mean sailing into uncharted waters. To explain it, let’s use an…

23 Jun 2023 S&OP + IBP


Supply Chain Centre Of Excellence Super Cartoon

The Supply Chain Centre of Excellence Advantage

It’s never been tougher to stay competitive. With the ever-evolving, ever-meandering world of business, you never know what’s…

20 Jun 2023 Supply Chain Tactics


Scis Expo Slimstock Indonesia

Supply Chain Innovation Summit 2023

Join us at the Supply Chain Innovation Summit 2023 and unlock the potential of your supply chain operations with Slimstock’s inventory optimization solutions.

Holiday Inn Kemayoran, Jakarta Utara JI. Griya Utama B No.1, Sunter Agung, Kec. Tj. Priok, JK Utara, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 14350
8 July 2023


Refresher Nov'22

SLIM4 Key User Training

Slimstock Are you a primary user of Slim4? Are you looking to learn all the capabilities in Slim4 to achieve…

26 June 2023


Cemat Feature Image

CeMAT 2023

Join our team at CeMAT Australia to find out how we can help you more build a resilient, efficient, and sustainable supply chain.

The Dome, Sydney Olympic Park, Australia
25 July 2023


Warehouse With Stocked Shelves Assortment Planning Final

The Great Warehouse Space Squeeze

Your supply chain team will be getting used to shortages. The first shock was stock. The diminished deliveries and the lengthening lead times.

13 Jun 2023 Inventory Optimisation


Digital Transformation Cartoon Running Arrow

Navigate Digital Transformation to Empower your S&OP

As a modern CEO, you must embrace the fact that the only constant in the current business landscape is change. Failing to…

9 Jun 2023 S&OP + IBP


Inventory Turnover Warehouse (1)

Avalon CSC and Slimstock Canada

Montreal, June 2023 Avalon CSC, a supply chain consulting firm with offices in Montreal, Toronto, and Chicago, and Slimstock…

7 Jun 2023


Decoupling Point Thinking Cartoon

How can you leverage decoupling point to drive supply chain flexibility?

Everyone wants flexibility. But faced with fluctuating customer demand, unpredictable market dynamics and soaring costs, supply…

6 Jun 2023 Demand Planning & Forecasting


Supply Chain Officer Cartoon Charts

How the Chief Supply Chain Officer is shaping tomorrow’s business

They say rough seas make for good sailors. Well, we’ve endured some stormy conditions in recent times. And what’s clear is…

2 Jun 2023 Supply Chain Tactics


Inventory Allocation

Inventory allocation: How can retailers find the perfect balance?

Retailers face a real conundrum. On one hand, everything from the cost of raw materials to the cost of commercial retail space is…

29 May 2023 Allocation & Replenishment


Astro Lighting

Astro Lighting partners with Slimstock to streamline its operations

With a global presence spanning over 90 countries, Astro Lighting aims to improve its service levels and inventory visibility, and…

25 May 2023


Master Data Cartoon Typing On Laptop

Machine Learning for Product Demand Forecasting

How can you take advantage of Machine Learning to make better supply chain decisions? For years, businesses have strived to…

24 May 2023 Demand Planning & Forecasting


master data

How Master Data Drives the Success of Digital Initiatives

The race to digital transformation is on. According to Gartner, a staggering 91% of organisations are already involved in some…

18 May 2023 Supply Chain Tactics


Beers Bullwhip

Bull Whips and Beer Games

What can you do to mitigate the sting of supply whip? Join us on June 15th at 5 pm as Jonathon Karelse, CEO at NorthFind Management and Ludovic Magne, Country Manager at Slimstock, discuss the proven tactics to minimize the bull-whip effect.

Eagles Nest Golf Club, 10000 Dufferin St, Maple, ON L6A 1S3
15 June 2023


Economic Order Quantity Eoq Balancing Cartoon

Is Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) still relevant in today’s volatile world?

In 1913, the world was first introduced to the Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) formula. This revolutionary approach would soon go on…

12 May 2023 Inventory Optimisation


Plc Event

The Path to Profitable Product Life Cycle Management

Product lifecycle management is a game or risk. Hedge your bets too soon & you’ll pay a hefty price.

31 May 2023


Slim4 Refresher Training

Essentials of Slim4

Would you like to refresh your Slim4 knowledge? Or are you new to an organization and want to learn how to take full advantage of the features & functionalities within Slim4? If so, this course is for you!



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