Connecting the Dots in Slim4


What happens when you change leadtimes, forecast, target service levels, MOQs, etc.?

Learn the logic Slim4 is using and how to connect the Dots with Slim4.

Making sure your demand and supply plans work well together should be simple and worry-free. Are your teams struggling with adjusting lead times or figuring out how much to purchase?

What about updating the forecast and knowing if you have enough stock or when you might run out because of a sales surge? Having a smooth, adaptable, reliable, and scalable process will give your planners and buyers the confidence they need for success in today’s supply chains. Learn how to connect the Dots with Slim4.

Date: Wednesday 25 September
Language: English
Location: Online
Country: United States
Time: 11:30 am CST / 12:30 pm EST


Ryan, a sociable professional with 10+ years in Logistics and Supply Chain, graduated from the 3rd Ranked Supply Chain Program at the University of Tennessee in 2014. Before his degree, he spent a year as an exchange student in Madrid, Spain. With 4 years at a distribution center and 1 year at a turbocharger manufacturing plant, Ryan specialized in supplier selection and contract negotiation for new product launches.

Now, he’s in a privileged position, conversing with organizations to identify and address supply chain challenges, offering strategic solutions with his extensive experience and passion for improvement.

Ryan Shanks
Ryan Shanks
Solution Architect


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