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Are you using Slim4’s exception management tools to help tackle the most important tasks? Learn how Slim4 finds the issues before it causes an impact on the business.

Every day, week, and month, your supply chain faces challenges and risks. Do you have a clear process for identifying and documenting these issues?

Can you spot some risks before they happen? With Slim4, you get access to our exception management dashboard. It captures all the tasks required to keep your supply chain running smoothly, no matter how urgent or crucial they are.

Let us assist you in focusing on areas that need attention, so you can take proactive steps to make the most impact on your supply chain.

Date: Tuesday 29 October
Language: English
Location: Online
Country: United States
Time: 11:30 am CST / 12:30 pm EST


Ryan, a sociable professional with 10+ years in Logistics and Supply Chain, graduated from the 3rd Ranked Supply Chain Program at the University of Tennessee in 2014. Before his degree, he spent a year as an exchange student in Madrid, Spain. With 4 years at a distribution center and 1 year at a turbocharger manufacturing plant, Ryan specialized in supplier selection and contract negotiation for new product launches.

Now, he’s in a privileged position, conversing with organizations to identify and address supply chain challenges, offering strategic solutions with his extensive experience and passion for improvement.

Ryan Shanks
Ryan Shanks
Solution Architect


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