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Slimstock works closely with a range of different partners. Our ERP partners manage the integration of Slim4 within their platforms. The distribution partners represent Slimstock commercially in markets where do not yet have our own offices. Our Slimstock Professionals division collaborates with universities and research centres to order to develop tailor-made training programs that enhance the supply chain knowledge of our customers.


To ensure a successful integration between Slim4 & SAP, Slimstock works closely with its SAP integration partner, CTAC. Primarily focus on planning and administration, CTAC offers a range of services. They offer complete administration regardless of the assets utilized to fund the gift. Unitization and sub-accounting capabilities are also available for complex scenarios. Their on-going services include accounting, reporting, compliance guidance, tax form preparation, customized management services, and distribution processing.


Slimstock works closely together with the certified Microsoft implementation partner HSO. The HSO Group was formed in 1989. Following over 1,000 successful implementations, HSO is now a trusted provider of industry-focused ERP software. In 2002 HSO was recognized as a "Microsoft Gold Certified Partner" purely for its expertise in Dynamics AX.

HSO also belongs to the Microsoft Dynamics Inner Circle, restricted to the top 1% of all Microsoft partners worldwide.


Our integration partner, Korade, ensures easy connection with Infor solutions. Their extensive experience with Nefit and Draka has resulted in the development of standardised interfaces between both systems. Through bolting on Slim4, both management and planners can obtain more transparent insight into the inventory.


UNIT4 is both an important reseller and integrator of Slimstock products. All of our solutions have standard interfaces with Unit4. Many users of Omnivers, Digis, X-Logic and Dibis use Slim4, ABC-Simulation and Cycle Count Pro utilising the standard interface.

QBS group

Quattro Business Solutions (QBS group) is Microsoft Master VAR for Microsoft Dynamics, covering the majority of countries in Western Europe. Quattro Business Solutions supports partners through providing a range of services covering all key business areas including everything from marketing and lead generation to sales support, consultancy, partner & customer care, training and coaching. The appointment of Quattro Business Solutions as Master VAR is the direct result of the Volume Strategy that Microsoft announced in 2011. This strategy is an important pillar for the success of Microsoft Dynamics and is aimed at further strengthening the leading position of Microsoft in the SMB-market.


To help improve the efficiency of Microsoft-based businesses, Abecon provides architecture, implementation and support of IT solutions. The core business is focused around the implementation of integrated ERP, CRM and BI applications. Abecon combines Microsoft Dynamics AX and NAV knowledge with targeted investments in specific functionality for health, retail, environmental, energy & utilities, wholesale, manufacturing, and services. Abecon is also a strategic partner of Columbus.


ETG is an international ERP consulting company dedicated to helping its customers reach their full business potential through industry specific solutions including consultancy services, industry best practices, and industry templates. Their software encompasses retail, construction, manufacturing and healthcare industries.


SELCO is a recognized consulting company with distinguished capabilities in supply chain and logistics management. With their deep functional expertise and practical approaches, they deliver outstanding results and help their clients to enhance their capabilities in order to better manage the supply chain. As a Slimstock partner, SELCO helps its clients to get the best value out of Slimstock’s solutions by supporting them through the implementation.

Alamo Consultores SA

With a team of multidisciplinary professionals, Alamo Consultores SA has a sound academic background complimented with vast experience in consulting. Through helping customers to design and implement solutions that enable them to grow and improve their operational performance and profitability, Alamo Consultores SA helps customers transform projects into reality. From the main offices in Buenos Aires, the consultancy represent Slimstock in Argentina and Uruguay.

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