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Inventory management training, masterclasses and courses - Slimstock Academy Frank & Alieke host a live academy event

In order to win you need to train

Take your supply chain knowledge to the next level with the Slimstock Academy

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Knowledge is power

To make effective supply chain decisions, your team first needs the right knowledge. That’s why we developed the Slimstock Academy.

Every year, we provide thousands of supply chain professionals with the actionable inventory insights, ongoing developments and industry best practices they need to realise their supply chain goals.

Slimstock Academy Digital—2021 Mrt—def 2 Online

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Lead by academics & domain experts, the Slimstock Academy combines theory and industry best practice to help your team improve supply chain performance.

Through offering a range of training programmes, knowledge sessions and community events, our Academy courses are designed to help professionals translate their business strategy into effective supply chain actions.

See how our Academy helps our customers

Hydrogarden Academy


“Slimstock’s academy programme has allowed us to continue to grow our proficiency within Slim4.”

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Moonen Packaging Academy

Moonen Packaging

“We now have the knowledge in order to take full advantage of Slim4.”

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Roper Rhodes Academy

Roper Rhodes

“Given that our team are now active members of the Slimstock academy, our skills will only improve.”

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