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Everyone is looking to strike a balance between working capital, operational costs and the optimal service level. On top of this, it is vital that organisations focus their time, attention and resources on the areas which deliver the greatest return. This is exactly what our supply chain management software is made for: Slim4 is the integral solution for forecasting, demand planning and inventory control.

Why Utilise Slim4

  • Improve service levels and thus maximising customer satisfaction
  • Increase the efficiency of your planning team by up 50%
  • Reduce inventory levels by up to 30%
  • Free up invaluable working capital and releases it back into the business
  • Increase turnover by 2-7% through greater product availability
  • Reduce stock-out by up to 50%

What is Slim4?

Slim4 is the industry leading solution for service level driven forecasting and inventory management. Using a variety of tried and tested statistical methods and techniques, our supply chain management software, Slim4, analyses up to two years of demand history to develop a robust demand forecast for up to 95% of the assortment. Based on Management by Exception principles, Slim4 notifies users of any exceptional demand patterns enabling the planning team focus their time and attention where it is required most.

With the support of a robust forecast, Slim4 takes into account a range of factors including the minimum order quantity and the desired service level in order to determine the optimal safety stock and order level. Thus enabling planning teams to make purchase orders with confidence.

With clear insight into anticipated demand, supply chain teams are better positioned to make inventory management decisions. As a result, our 833 customers typically see inventory levels and supply chain costs reduce while customer service levels increase.

Developed through 25 years of real-world industry application

Utilised by over 800 customers worldwide, Slim4 has been continually improved over the last 25 years to offer businesses a complete solution to overcome their inventory challenges. With a development roadmap that is driven by real-world application of the solution as well as the industry specific requirements of our customers, Slim4 has been specifically developed to help businesses thrive in today’s evolving environment

Seamless integration with any ERP

Slim4 has been designed and built to painlessly integrate with any ERP system. While ERP systems provide the backbone of any business, Slim4 is a best of breed solution that enhances these systems through enabling businesses to optimise their inventory in a dynamic environment. 

Integrating Slim4 and ERP software is based on simple interfaces and as a result, implementation projects are delivered on time and on budget with zero risk.

Guaranteed: ROI achieved in just 1 year

We only offer our Slim4 software to companies when we are absolutely positive that the return on investment will be achieved within one year. That means that, unless we if we can prove it, we will not sell Slim4. Focusing on reducing inventory levels, improving customer service and increasing turnover, amongst other, our goal is always to demonstrate where improvement can be and highlight how real supply chain improvement can be achieved.

Solutions to help your business thrive and grow

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Slimstock offer many solutions to help your business thrive and grow. Let Slimstock guide you.


Slimstock offers companies the complete solution for the structural optimisation of their inventory.

Direct Results

We only offer our Slim4 software to companies when we are absolutely positive on a return on investment.


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