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The responsibility of the inventory manager, demand planner and supply planner has dramatically evolved.

The day-to-day decisions of the inventory management team has a direct impact on the entire business. Consequently, it is essential that your inventory team has the right skills, knowledge and tools to ensure the business is holding the right stock, in the right place, at the right time!

Slimstock’s training programmes are designed to support members of your supply chain as they translate your business strategy into operational actions. Focused on combining industry best practices with inventory management theory, Slimstock’s Academy Events will enable your team to:

>> Make more intelligent decisions around inventory
>> Understand the impact inventory has on the performance of your business
>> Implement new ideas to further optimise your supply chain
>> Fully utilise Slim4

Slim4 related courses

Aimed at users of Slim4, these courses are structured to help your team use our advanced inventory solution effectively. Through the combination of Slim4 and well-trained users, your business will achieve the best the results.

“The training was superb, covered everything I wanted, in the level of detail I was hoping for and more!”

Nigel, Demand Planning and Inventory Manager, GS Yuasa

Slim4 User Training

Web Client User Training

Key User Training

Supply Chain Masterclasses

Slimstock's masterclasses are designed to increase your knowledge of supply chain and inventory management. Specifically focused for strategic managers and planners operating at a tactical level, these courses will provide your team with the skills and insights to enhance the performance of your organisation.

Segmentation Masterclass

Safety Stock Masterclass

Chinese New Year Masterclass

Additional training programmes

In addition to our development programmes, we offer a number of courses to help enhance the knowledge of your team.

  • Bespoke training: A tailored programme designed to help you overcome your specific inventory challenges.
  • Supply Chain Game: Enhance collaboration between your colleagues, suppliers and customers with our interactive game.

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