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As the new trends and developments emerge, it is vital that the role of inventory managers and planners within an organisation evolve accordingly.

Whereas the responsibility of this role was previously focused around the calculation of the right stock, inventory planners have increasing becomes chain directors and thus, key to the entire network. As a result, this evolving role requires evolving skills.

Our training programs help your employees to put their work in the right context and translate your business strategy into operational actions in order to achieve optimum results. Invest in the skills of your staff and increase their motivation and contribution towards a successful business operation.

  full service Company specific
  Slim4 related training Subject related
  • Executive briefing Working Capital and Supply Chain Management
  • Master Course Inventory Management

* Basis certificate required for participants

  • Inventory control course

Slim4 related courses

Aimed at users of Slim4, these courses are structured to bring together theory and practice.

In addition to software-related knowledge and skills, we ensure that the required subject-specific knowledge, appropriate to the user level, is also transferred. Through the combination of Slim4 and well-trained users, your business will achieve the best the results.

Supply Chain Masterclasses

Our masterclasses are designed to help you increase your knowledge of supply chain and inventory management. Designed for strategic managers and planners operating at a tactical level, these courses are designed to provide the skills and insights to enhance the performance of your organisation.

Inventory Management Training

These programmes have been developed to help you understand both the theory and practice of inventory and practice of inventory management. These programmes will help you identify where the potential for improvement lies within your organisation as well as what you need to do to realise your supply chain goals.

Additional training programmes

In addition to our development programmes, we offer a number of courses to help enhance the knowledge of your team.

  • Bespoke training A tailored programme designed to help you overcome your specific inventory challenges
  • Supply Chain Game Enhance collaboration between your colleagues, suppliers and customers with our interactive game
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