Effective inventory management with Slim4

Everyone is looking to strike a balance between working capital, operational costs and the optimal service level. However, it is vital that business leaders focus their time and attention on areas that deliver the greatest returns. This is exactly what our forecasting, demand planning and inventory control solution are made for.

Developed through real world application, our industry leading solutions are designed to help you overcome your inventory management hurdles and exceed your supply chain goals.

Accurate forecasting and demand planning

Forecasts and demand plans underpin supply chain decision making. As a result, it is vital that these are as accurate as possible. However, given the extensive range of factors that must be taken into account when developing a reliable forecast, many businesses simply lack the required insights to develop a robust demand plan.  Our forecasting and demand planning solutions have been specifically designed to help you gain the invaluable insights required to satisfy future demand.  

Inventory & supply chain optimisation

In order to maintain consistently high service levels while keeping supply chain costs under close control, a business must strike the perfect balance between availability and capital invested in inventory. Based on historical sales, the forecasted demand and current inventory situation within the supply chain, our inventory & supply chain optimisation solutions have helped hundreds of business across the world to realise their sales and profit goals.

A more strategic approach to supply chain management

Even seemingly small inventory management decisions can have a profound and far-reaching impact across the rest of the organisation. As a result, it is vital that the inventory strategy aligns perfectly with the overall corporate vision of the organisation. Our strategic supply chain solutions provide businesses with the level of insight and control required to ensure inventory management decisions and processes are executed effectively and in line with the rest of the organisation.

Reliable inventory reporting & simulation with slim4

Businesses depend upon reliable reporting processes to make informed tactical and strategic decisions as well to monitor performance. Our reporting and simulation solutions help businesses stay on track to achieve their corporate goals through providing up-to-day insights over Key Performance Indicators.

Forecasting & Demand Planning

Make informed inventory decisions based upon accurate forecasts developing through trusted & validated forecasting methods.

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Inventory optimisation

Determine the optimal inventory level for every item within your assortment through basing decisions on clear and reliable analysis.

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Supply Chain Tactics

Get the level of insight and control required to execute supply chain tasks effectively. All about tools, technology, and knowledge.

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Reporting & Simulation

Monitor the performance of your operations with the Reporting & Simulation capabilities of Slim4

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