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Dynamic assortment planning Build a more profitable assortment

Gain greater insight into the performance of every SKU within your product range. Take control of your assortment to eliminate risk, cut costs and unlock working capital.

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Our customers typically attain the following results:


Less expedited costs


Less waste


Less stock outs


Stock turn improvement

“Slim4 has helped us take full control over our new product introduction process. Furthermore, our supply chain team can take complete ownership over driving improvements across their specific focus area. As a result, our turnover is growing at a rate of between 5 to 10% year on year.”
Mike Duggleby
Chief Operating Officer | Ultra Finishing
“We now have the tools in place to keep up with emerging trends and monitor the performance of each item within our assortment. Subsequently, we have improved availability while reducing both excess and obsolete stock.”
Kevin Morris
General Operations Manager | GS Yuasa

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