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Given the complexity that comes with managing multiple channels and locations, each with their own unique demand profile, supply chain teams today a face real challenge in ensuring not only the right products are stocked in each location but that each location holds an appropriate level of inventory.

Refined and advanced over the last 25 years, our award-winning inventory optimisation solution, Slim4, is utilised by 950+ businesses across the globe to help overcome these inventory hurdles. Focused around forecasting, demand planning and inventory management, our solution helps supply chain team make more strategic inventory decisions.

inventory optimisation

What our customers say...

inventory management software

“We have been able to reduce inventory levels by 18% while achieving significant improvements in availability; a feat which would not have been possible before!”

Alex Bernard
Director of commercial at DBD

inventory management software

“When you consider that the availability for our top 1000 lines is now in excess of 99%, the results speak for themselves."

Justin Ashton
Supply chain manager at Roper Rhodes

inventory management software

“This enhanced level of visibility has helped us to increase the availability of finished goods from 89% to in excess of 97%.”

Mira Balac
Operations and supply chain director at Aqualisa

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