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Key User Training

As a Key User, you have successfully completed the Basic User Training. You are at the operational level within the organisation and both the main point of contact for Slimstock while also being (partly) responsible for managing Slim4. This training focuses on topics such as interfacing Slim4 and user settings to which a technical knowledge is crucial. After completeing this training, you will will have a full understanding of core processes within Slim4 that keep the system operational.

Why take this training session?

Following the successful completetion of this training, you will be at the level of a fucntional application manager for the Slim4 environment. Ultimately, you will be able to run the first line support for Slim4 within you organisation.

Learning goals


  • Guided tour through the configuration
  • Chacking input files
  • Extract paths
  • Order generator
  • Planner (daily, monthly, backup etc)
  • Configuration of purchasing and forecasting

Account management

  • Suppliers
  • Users
  • Selections on home screen
  • Baseline measurements


The training will take place over two days, starting at 09:00 until 17:00. Tea, Coffee, soft drinks and Lunch will be provided

Day 1

  • Guided tour of configurations
  • Data import and export configurations

Day 2

  • Filing basic records
  • Selections and efficient working methods


The certificate of Basic User Training is required for participation in this training. An understanding of the business itself will contribute to the knowledge building process. The training will end with a test whereby successful participants will receive a certificate.


Slimstock UK HQ,
Grosvenor House,
Prospect Hill, Redditch,
B97 4DL


Pricing available upon request.

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