Slim4 training: Program manager

Are you leading an inventory optimisation project? This training will explore all of the tips and tricks to apply theory to practice. During this training, we will provide you with the tools to analyse your inventory which will, in turn, enable you to identify potential areas for improvement.

Why take this training session?

Prepare yourself with the skill and knowledge required to ensure that your project is a success within your organisation.

Learning goals

  • Gain visibility of your inventory situation with KPI’s
  • Assess the impact of inventory situation on operating costs
    • Capital investment requirement
    • Lost sales
  • Assess the impact of supplier performance on your inventory


This course takes place over 1 day, starting each day at 09:00 until 17:00. Tea, coffee, soft drinks and lunch will all be provided.

Format of the day

  • Availability of data and KPIs
  • Analysis techniques and evaluating the outcomes
  •  Reporting information in an understandable language


This programme is designed for tactical managers who want to know the facts.


Training room
Slimstock Academy
Zutphenseweg 29 G1
7481 AH Deventer


Free for full-service customers
For other participants: € 575


Rutger Schepers

Trainer & Consultant

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