Functional User Training

Do you work for a company that uses our software as an application manager or a system administrator, but you are not an operational user of the solution? Then the application management training is for you. In this training, you will learn more about Slim4's technical operation, how the software is integrated with other applications and what technical issues you need to keep in mind to minimise downtime.

Why take this training session?

After completing this training, you will have the knowledge required to support Slim4. You will ultimately be able to run the first line support for the solution within your organisation.

Learning goals


  • Tour around the configuration
  • Checking input files
  • Extract paths
  • Order generator
  • Planner (daily, monthly, backup Ect.)
  • Configuration of purchasing and forecasting

Set up

  • Suppliers
  • Users
  • Selections on the home screen
  • Point-zeros


The training takes place over 1 day, from 09:00 till 17:00. Coffee, Tea, soft drinks and lunch will all be provided.

Format of the day

  • Setting up configurations
  • data import & export configurations
  • Documentation of basic files
  • Setting up tasks in the scheduler
  • Parameter settings

Throughout the day, there will be plenty of focus on your specific business situation.


The application management training is intended for the system administrator or application administrator within the organization. The participant does not work with Slim4 itself but is responsible for the technical state of the application. Knowledge of the company itself will contribute to the learning process. The training will end with a test and successful participants will receive a certificate.


Training room
Slimstock Academy
Zutphenseweg 29 G1
7481 AH Deventer


Free for full-service customers
For other participants: € 1100


Rutger Schepers

Trainer & Consultant

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