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artificial intelligence Published in Download - 30 May 2019

How is Ai being utilised to advance our approach to inventory optimisation?

The Slimstock Research Centre is constantly pushing the boundaries of inventory management. As excitement around AI & machine learning grows, our team of experts are actively researching how this technology can be applied to overcome the supply chain challenges business face today! In this infographic, we explore how machine learning is being applied to specific
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Published in Download - 02 April 2019

Excess stock | trim down your excess inventory

Excess stock: we all know that holding too much is bad for business. Yet, based on the experience of the inventory analysts as Slimstock, of all the items in your warehouse, typically, 10% will never be sold. As these items become obsolete, they can cost you a lot of money and needlessly occupy valuable warehouse space.
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machine learning Published in Download - 14 March 2019

Machine learning in stock optimisation

We cannot ignore it. The complexity of supply chains has increased exponentially in recent years. Whereas once upon a time, a good business strategy alone would be enough to compete, overcoming complexity is now what ultimately sets a business apart from its competitors; a trend which will only become more prevalent in the coming years.
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Published in Download - 07 March 2019

The EOQ formula: From theory to practice in 7 steps

UNRAVELING THE SECRET OF OPTIMAL ORDER QUANTITIES Whether it consists of raw materials or end-products: inventory is unavoidably one of the largest single assets on your balance sheet. In the manufacturing industry, around 37% of total costs consist of inventory costs, while for retailers and wholesalers even more than half of the total costs are
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Published in Blog, Download - 10 July 2018

Accelerate the performance of your assortment!

Is your business holding too much stock? In a bid to keep customers happy, many businesses have resorting to offering high levels of inventory across already spiralling assortments. While this ensures that customers have plenty of choice, keeping up with these exploding ranges can prove a constant battle. What steps can building businesses take to
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supplier management to boost profitability Published in Download - 06 February 2018

Supplier management: Establish more profitable supply chain relationships

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, this is the time of year where we look back and reflect on our relationships (or lack of…). When it comes to supplier management, the same applies! After all, when better to review your supply chain relations than now! However, clutching on to a bad relationship can cause great heartache.
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work wear suppliers inventory management Published in Download - 31 January 2018

Inventory management for work wear suppliers

For work wear suppliers and distributors, maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction is vital in order to succeed. However, with extensive product ranges and lengthy lead times from both European and international suppliers, maintaining healthy inventory levels can often prove a real challenge. Afterall, with constant pressure to offer consistently high levels of availability, businesses must keep
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assortment management graphic Published in Download - 24 January 2018

Assortment management: Stub out the products burning through your margins

Every year, thousands of people try to give up smoking. When you consider that smoking is both incredibly expensive and hugely detrimental to your health, why wouldn’t you quit? The problem is however that, as habits go, smoking is a difficult one to kick. After all, as soon as you quit, the withdrawal symptoms take
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Published in Download - 05 January 2018

Understanding customer behaviour webinar | 5 steps to supply chain success (part 2)

What does your historical demand really mean? Can you explain why demand in a particular period is exceptionally higher or lower that what you had forecasted? More importantly, do you know how best to manage these exceptions? Historical demand data is a critical source of information for assessing both the performance of a business as
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Published in Download - 04 January 2018

Have you been bitten by the Chinese dragon?

Every year, China witnesses one of the largest human migrations in the world. As the nation’s workforce down tools and return to their home town’s to enjoy the Chinese New Year celebrations, factories across the country close shop for up to 40 days. Meanwhile, businesses across the rest of the world face a huge amount
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Published in Download - 03 January 2018

Infographic: An epic expedition around the bicycle industry

With the Tour de France approaching, team GB continue to inspire cyclists all over the UK. With Team GB’s triumph over the last few years, it seems more and more of us are getting back on the saddle. However, as Brexit jitters take hold and the Government forges ahead with a major initiative to double
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supply chain collaboration success Published in Download - 29 December 2017

Smash through the internal barriers that hold your business back

While the sales team may expect consistently high levels of availability in order to satisfy customer demand, the finance team are typically more interested in inventory cost. Consequently, operational teams are under constant pressure to strike the balance between service levels and investment in stock. However, in order to ensure that supply chain decisions are
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promotions management proves a challenge for retailers Published in Download - 28 December 2017

Forget Moz the Monster, retailers have their own gremlins!

Promotions management has always presented retailers with a dilemma: a huge headache but an unavoidable reality of modern retailing. Black Friday, for instance, was once seen as the single most important day in the retail calendar, like turkeys voting for an early Christmas, many retailers have now extended this promotional period to last for up
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reduce waste through inventory optimisation Published in Download - 28 December 2017

Waste reduction: the proof’s in the pudding

Tackling the growing mountains of waste created as a consequence of poor supply chain practices is a top priority for the food industry. But what can businesses do to reduce waste? While mitigating the causes of shrinkage is undoubtedly good for the environment, according to the Grocer, taking action to curb avoidable waste can unlock
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working capital and cash flow optimisation Published in Download - 28 November 2017

Make your capital work harder

Effective working capital management is all about juggling inventory, debtors and creditors. However, maintaining a healthy level of cash flow is a real challenge. However, how can you optimise your approach to cash flow management in order to free up invaluable capital? What is working capital? According to Investopedia, Working capital is the amount of
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Inventory costs are often surprising Published in Download - 06 November 2017

What is the real cost of your inventory?

Holding too much inventory has some potentially disastrous financial consequences. After all, money tied up in inventory cannot be used anywhere else. Furthermore, capital tied up in items that you can no longer sell (e.g. obsolete stock) may be lost forever. However, when you consider that there are further inventory costs associated with holding inventory
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Assortment strategy are an essential part of inventory management Published in Download - 06 November 2017

Nail down your assortment strategy

When it comes to building products, customers expect suppliers to be able to provide anything and everything at a moment’s notice. In response to this demand, many businesses in the building industry have exploded their assortment strategy to encompass many thousands of different SKUs. The problem is, however, how much do you really know about
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Summer Closures Published in Download - 06 November 2017

Whitepaper: A comprehensive guide to managing supplier closures

As you prepare for some rest and relaxation in the summer sun, supplier holiday closures are probably the last thing you want to think about. However, as entire workforces down tools to enjoy a well-deserved break, businesses further down the supply chain are left dangerously exposed to lengthy lead times, delays and even stock outs.
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Summer Closures Published in Download - 23 May 2017

Infographic: Summer Closures

Sun, Sea & Stormy Supply Chains Supplier closures are disruptive at the best of times. However, as your suppliers down tools to enjoy a well-deserved summer break, your business could become dangerously exposed to lengthy lead times, delays and even stock outs. What can you do to maintain a harmonious operation during what could be
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Published in Download - 16 May 2017

Summer closures & the cocktail of supply chain disruptions

Supplier closures are disruptive at the best of times. However, unlike other factory closure periods, the summer season can last for several months and suppliers can shut down at any point throughout this time. Contrary to popular belief, Mediterranean countries are not the only ones where it is common place for factories to close down
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Published in Download - 15 May 2017

Assortment Management | 5 Steps to Supply Chain Success

From deciding whether or not to stock a new product to determining how best to phase out an item at the end of the product life cycle, decisions around assortment management are often coupled with a high level of financial risk. As a result, such decisions should not be taken lightly. However, unless you have
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Published in Download - 20 April 2017

Assortment management: Going beyond the 80:20 rule

How much do you really know about your assortment? Do you know which items offer the greatest return or which are most important to your customers? Equally, do you know which items are costing you money? It is no secret that for many businesses, 80% of the turnover is generated by just 20% of the
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Published in Download - 28 March 2017

What’s driving your availability levels?

Do you have enough stock to meet demand? Do you have too much? How can you ensure your service level targets satisfy the expectations of the business while still keeping investment in stock under control? Availability is everything for most businesses. However, while the commercial departments within the business may expect 100% availability, supply chain
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Published in Download - 27 March 2017

Harnessing the power of collaborative forecasting | 5 steps to supply chain success

When it comes to forecasting, each business division has its own set of goals and objectives. Consequently, there are likely to be very different opinions as to what should be taken into account when developing a forecast. Given that the forecast provides the basis on which many key decisions are made, how can businesses adopt
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Published in Download - 15 February 2017

6 steps to create more collaborative conversations around forecasting

When it comes to demand planning, each division has its own set of goals and objectives. While the sales team may demand consistently high levels of availability in order to satisfy orders, the finance team may be more interested in inventory cost. This is compounded further when it comes to demand planning as there are
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Published in Download - 05 January 2017

How can you create visibility in a multi-channel environment?

For companies that exist in today’s complex omnichannel and multisite environment, achieving stock availability has never been more difficult ... and costly! With more channels, more demanding customers and an increasing number of products to manage, many organisations can quickly lose sight of their inventory position. Faced with expensive excess stock levels and crippling shortages,
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Published in Download, Retail - 03 January 2017

How can the food industry win the war on waste?

In a bid to eliminate the 400 million meals worth of “avoidable” food that is wasted every year1, the Grocer has kicked off a major campaign to combat the inefficiencies that plague the food supply chain. In order to reduce waste from the supply chain, some business have started incentivising customers to buy so-called "wonky"
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Published in Download - 17 November 2016

The journey to excellent Multi-Echelon Inventory Planning

For companies that exist in today’s complex omni channel and multisite environment, achieving stock availability has never been more difficult ... and costly! In an ideal world we would have total visibility, however in reality, supply chain information is often limited. To help companies in their journey to excellent multi-echelon inventory planning, we explore three
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Published in Download - 17 November 2016

8 top tips to rein in seasonal demand fluctuations

Every year, UK customers spend over £339 billion on furniture and homeware products. When you consider that business in the sector stock everything from winter blankets to garden patio furniture, seasonality can have a huge influence on demand. Given the potential for huge fluctuations in demand, this can leave businesses exposed to a high level
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Published in Download - 15 March 2016

How to achieve the optimal stock level to meet seasonal fluctations in demand

Imagine you have 150 televisions in stock with an average sales volume of 100 units per period and a minimum order quantity of 20 units. The lead time is 7 days and given that you do not want to disappoint your customers with stock outs, you hold a safety stock of 50 units. When is
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Published in Download - 14 February 0201

The lettuce crisis is just the tip of the iceberg!

As storms in the Mediterranean batter supplies of fruit and vegetables, retailers are left with empty shelves and angry customers. While there is little anyone can do about the weather, what can businesses do to mitigate the impact of this supply chain disruption? While a shortage of salad is one thing, what about a shortage
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